23 April 2014 Just DO it!

“Procrastination is the thief of time” was one of my late mothers favourite cliche’s, and wise words they remain!

We all have SOME tasks that we find a challenge to actually DO, and there are numerous reasons WHY we procrastinate actually doing them. Sometimes it’s simply a lack of energy, drive, or motivation, but ironically more often than not they are actually enjoyable and beneficial once we actually force ourselves to do them.

Those I know that have chosen sedentary lives and whose only option for actually exercising is within the walls of a gym do not look forward to the “pain” of exercise. Another hates making sales calls, and since making sales calls is the major function of her job, she will find a myriad excuses and tasks to delay the inevitable making of calls.

Another finds herself less financially prosperous than she used to be and has the option to change that but is finding every excuse and justification not to do what is needed to create abundance.

The list goes on and on and on…

Me? I procrastinate my work often, especially when the project is complex and out of the ordinary. One job about 9 months ago was so technically challenging, and I imagined so many problems with alignment and sagging that I procrastinated starting that job for 6 weeks, yet when I finally got down to it, it took me less than a day and worked perfectly first time!

Why DO we procrastinate?

I can think of three possible reasons, Fear, Subconscious Blocks and Laziness!

We might FEAR that the effort of making those sales calls will be in vain. We might FEAR that an hour spent sweating it out in the gym will not produce the results. We might FEAR that all the powerful processes of Meditation, Visualization, Gratitude, Love and Affirmations will not produce the desired outcome. We might FEAR that we cannot build that complex cupboard with the hidden storage space. We might FEAR that approaching that gorgeous wonderful person will result in rejection. We might FEAR that that website isn’t going to be a success.

Remember at all times that “Fear is the cloud that obscures our sun”.

More often than not you will find that the fear and anxiety of what needs to be done is far, far worse than the reality, you might even find that when you do get down to overcoming that fear and actually DOING, that the action is actually enjoyable!

I have written about this numerous times, and if I wasn’t out of necessity typing this post yet again on my trusty mobile phone, I would insert the relevant link, scroll back a few weeks…

But our subconscious due to a lifetime of conditioning has built up a percieved “reality” a filter as it were and if we start making plans and taking actions contrary to what this hidden, yet powerful, mind believes, it will manifest a multitude of blocks sabotaging those plans and actions. If for example your history with romantic relationships has been traumatic, you may find it either close to impossible to approach someone you find desirable, or if you actually make it into a relationship with someone you may find yourself acting out in such a way as to ensure that the relationship never reaches the level of intimacy which can result in the pain of rejection.

Affirmations and visualization, especially while in a meditative state, are powerful tools in reprogramming the subconscious since the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is “real” and what is “imagined”. Technology is also available using specific frequencies of sounds and subliminal messages to imprint new “realities” into the subconscious.

If this is your reason for procrastinating, then I’m afraid the only remedy is to lift your arse and do some work!

The bottom line is this, if you knew without a doubt, that for every 100 sales calls you made you would make one sale, how many would you make in a day?

If you knew that for every hour spent exercising you would move you 1% closer to your goal, how many days would you choose to lie on the couch watching the idiot box?

If you knew that that website would make you a millionaire 24months after starting, how many hours would you delay doing what is necessary?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now!

Go forth and be Awesome
All My Love
Kim Warner

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