24 April 2014 Reasons and Seasons

I am not entirely sure whether I coined the phrase, or if it is something I remember from a forgotten source, but I always say “everyone enters our lives for a reason and a season”, and in moments of introspection I remember how this has always proven true in my life.

The questions, naturally, that arise from this insight are;

“What is the Reason?”


“How long is the Season?”

To some extent the “Reason” will determine the length of the “Season”, a soul-mate will be in your life to at least some extent throughout your life, a business acquaintance for the duration of a project, a true friend always despite anything, a lover till the fun fades, a spouse… well…

Some enter your life to lead you gently by the hand to the next level.

Some enter your life to whip you mercilessly to chase you to the next level.

Some enter your life to BE led or whipped to the next level.

Some simply enter your life to show you that what you thought you wanted is not in fact what serves your higher good.

But of one thing I am certain, we do indeed enter into the lives of others and have others enter into our own life at the right time, and for the right reasons.

I was very good friends with a psychic, and while the jury may still be out regarding the accuracy of actual future predictions, I do firmly believe that some are more trained in the art of intuition than others, anyway, one of her practices during “readings” was for me to reach into a little drawstring bag containing “tablets” each with an Egyptian symbol, or hieroglyph etched upon it. And, time after time I pulled the same tablet, “Set” or “Seth” the Egyptian God of death and destruction.

I remember my horror the first time I did this, but, as the meaning was explained, that horror faded into fascination. The association, it was explained was basically the Phoenix imagery, destroying the old, to make room for the new, like a grass fire, consuming the dried stalks of dead grass making room for the new growth to take over, the ashes of the old feeding the succulent new shoots.

And while I did in fact view this message with a healthy dose of skepticism, events both before and since this revelation lead me to the conclusion that in each of my close relationships with different people (and here I must emphasize I am not only referring to romantic relationships) I have observed that more often than not tremendous changes become manifest in that person’s life around the time of our association, or shortly thereafter.

It has taught me to be extremely careful about how I deal with others in my life since not everyone wants, or is ready for these changes. Sadly, these changes often lead to the person being in such a different place after, that their relationship with me changes. Little wonder then, I realise in hindsight, that my romantic relationships follow such a turbulent path.

What I do realise is that any lasting relationship, for me, will either be with someone who does not need to go through such a dramatic life change, or with someone who after the change finds herself in a place where she can still honour and appreciate me.

I digress as usual, the point I am trying to make is that every single person who has, is, or is going to enter into your life, does so for a reason, you might learn something from that person, they might learn from you, they may push you towards excellence, or need a push themselves. They may enter to heal past hurt, or to purge dead wood from your life. They may be the person that allows you to be the very best that you can be!

I acknowledge that I have a tendency to get involved FULLY romantically, to love as if there is never going to be an end to this relationship, and as a result, when the end comes, I find myself floundering… again, for a season… I have often been advised to “hold back”, to “take it slow”, or to “protect my heart”, and wise as that advice may be, my soul feels that in so doing , I will never experience the full taste and texture of life. It would be like visiting an art gallery without wearing my glasses or contact lenses; eating at a fine restaurant while suffering the flu; or attending the opera wearing ear muffs!

The experience of this last romantic relationship of mine has proven something most interesting; where before, the recovery has taken months, the knowledge, understanding and use of the processes of Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations and feeling Gratitude and Love has been like a magic elixir, the recovery was quick and the pain lasted a relatively short time. And while the future lies stretched out before me like a blank canvas, ready to accept the brush-strokes of the future I create, I feel an optimism, a knowledge that whatever will be will be wonderful! And that IF things don’t work out, I can easily and quickly heal!

I do have a particular wish, a particular wonderful beautiful soul I wish to reconnect with, but while she decides what it is she wants, I will live my life to the fullest, secure in the knowledge that what will be will be what is best for all concerned!

As an aside, I have started reading “The Celestine Prophecy” and I am in the process of being well and truly blown away! Anyone who would like a copy of this in ebook format is welcome to make contact with me, either in the comments field below, or by emailing me on 0724601471@vodamail.co.za

I am not yet very far into this wonderful book, but what I am reading is fascinating and is expanding my understanding in ways I never thought possible. I will, I am sure, be talking extensively on this subject in the days to come as I complete the book and fully absorb its message.

Go Forth (each and every one of us) and BE AWESOME

All My Love

Kim Warner

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