27 April 2014 Progress


Good Morning,

My apologies for my quietness these past days, and in advance for the days ahead, the project on which I am working is reaching its climax and deadline looms, the clients wish to move in on the first, and due to delays and poor planning the materials for the remaining three rooms only became available yesterday morning. As regular readers may remember, this is debt-repayment work for a debt that I became involved in while sharing a workshop a few years ago.

In order to spare myself the time and expense of a daily 120km commute, I had made the decision to rough it and sleep on site which has not been comfortable, but at times, one must do what one must do.

I am grateful that this difficult period is drawing to a close, and I am grateful for the knowledge and application of the powerful processes of Meditation, Visualisation, Affirmations, Feeling Love and Gratitude, without making use of these tools, this time would indeed have been far more difficult to bear.

I am also grateful for the love and support of my friends and most of my family during this time, your constant encouragement and company has been a wonderful help to me.

I am also grateful for the projects that await me on completion here, projects that will actually pay me hard cash J

While I do not really have time for a long blog entry this morning, I would like to talk about the situations we allow others to get us into.

While I do not hold feelings of resentment anymore, the situation I find myself in was brought about by my attempt to “help” a family member, my relationship with Kitty suffered because of the influence of other people and her loyalty to people who eventually hurt her badly. On another level, how many choices do we make in our lives that are based not only on helping other people, but in an effort to impress other people, often people we don’t even know, or like?

The car we drive, the house and area we live in, the clothes we wear, hell, even the fact that we WEAR clothes at all is based on OTHER people.

Ask yourself this one question…

“If I lived entirely without contact with other people, how would I live my life differently?”

While it is entirely a theoretical question, it does make one think doesn’t it?

I know that the Kim who works on a building site does not wear the same clothes he does when he goes to present to a client. Candy is dusty and her interior strewn with tools most days, but if I was to have a special lady ride with me Candy would be washed, polished and vacuumed ;-), and this is mainly as a sign of respect, I am sure no one would be particularly impressed with me if her tender derrière was punctured by a stray wood screw lying on the passenger seat J

But I remember years back to 1994 when my then wife and I bought our house; at the time friends of ours were living a parallel life to ours, each at the point of owning our first home, they chose the suburb of Blouberg on the West Coast of Cape Town, we chose the suburb of Rugby also on the West Coast. We each were equidistant from the closest beach; the difference was that our stretch of coast included a beautiful lagoon, theirs a trendy beachfront.

Their house was newly built, ours was 70 years old. My drive to the city centre was 10mins, theirs an hour. Our house was solid, with spacious grounds and fruit trees in the back yard; they hardly had a garden at all and settlement cracks and a leaking roof became a constant irritation. And their home cost three times what ours cost! What was the difference? They lived in an up and coming trendy area, we lived in a lower-middle class area.

See how we make choices based not on what is wise, or comfortable, or convenient, but rather in an attempt to show off our social standing?

I have had this conversation over and over, and I stand by what I say, there is nothing wrong with choosing to live a comfortable, convenient life, AS LONG AS IT IS THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LEAD!

Some time back, Kitty and I had the conversation about our vastly different needs and wants, it was from this conversation that the “love is not enough” conclusion was reached, and she admitted, that to a large degree she makes choices to impress others. That she does not stop to consider how what she consumes affects the planet, and that she would be more concerned about the appearance of a home, than its functionality and impact on the environment. And so it is I am sure with the majority of humankind.

Even many of those who would rather live a life which contributes to sustaining the planet feel “what difference will I as one person really make?” Friends, a revolution is coming, in fact it is happening already, it is a revolution of spiritual awareness, a realisation of interconnectedness, a realisation that we are not separate from the earth and other people, but rather that we are in fact completely connected to the entire universe.

The leaders of this new order will be those who are fully aware.

Ask yourself, how are you preparing? What example are you leaving for your children? What are your habits doing to the planet that sustains you and your children?

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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