28 April 2014 Quicksand

There are times in one’s life when everything goes well, and then there are times when it feels like the deck has been well and truly stacked against you. Have you ever paused to take notice of WHY?

There is a scene from the movie “The Replacements” starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman, Gene is an American football coach and due to a players strike, he has assembled a group of misfits together to form a team, and he asks the question “What do you fear”, after a lot of flippant macho remarks from his team mates, Keanu says “Quicksand” and goes on to explain how in a game, if he makes one mistake, he loses confidence and the more he struggles, the more he sinks, making mistake after mistake.

And this is often a pattern played out in our lives. Something incredible happens, and we brimming with joy and confidence, and everything goes right, even if something doesn’t we take it easily in our stride. Something disastrous happens and one thing after another goes wrong and even the slightest inconvenience at that time feels like an insurmountable obstacle.

And this is actually the foundation of The Law of Attraction. The difference is that as committed practitioners of the law, we need to create the feelings that are in line with our desires.

I feel the need to relate a very recent personal experience, and how I have been able to apply what I have learned to change my mood despite the circumstances…

For the past two weeks, I have been living in rather unpleasant circumstances, while the house itself might be a mansion, it is still being completed, the only working toilet is in the servants quarters which means a walk through a dark house (most of the lights are not yet connected), and the facilities themselves are used by an army of workmen all day, the floor is wet with… well all sorts of fluids, there is no working shower, no cooking facilities, my diet for the last two weeks has consisted of mainly eggs boiled in a kettle, tea and bread!

The closest shops are a 3km walk away (I still have not been able to attend to Candy’s problem) and that 6km walk there and back is after a day of hard physical labour! My lack of focus over the last months, and the fact that this job has been threatening since January (always starting next week), has drained my finances, and since this is debt repayment work; I only receive a small stipend to survive on. Then the client’s wife constantly contradicts what she instructed me to do, she will tell me how she wants a particular rooms cupboards to be done, and then, once it is completed, she throws all her toys out the cot saying that that is NOT what she wanted! Referring her to the approved drawing elicits a response of “I’m a doctor, I don’t read plans!”

And compounded to this, starting here coincided with the end of a relationship.

One would think that this is enough to break anyone right?

Now personally I don’t usually operate well under these kinds of conditions, and especially when my emotions were raw, I would’ve long ago thrown in the towel! What made the difference?

Well the powerful processes of course! Every morning starts with gratitude, then a grounding meditation which establishes a connection to the source energy, that leads to visualization of the life I do wish to lead and from there I release myself into the day. When I am lonely in the evenings, there is always someone online to chat with, or a friend to call. When I feel down, there are 3000 songs on my computer from which to choose those that feed my soul. Every time I walk past the sleeping Candy, I give her love and appreciation, and know that she will as always get me home again safe and sound.

And in-between all of this I have been honoured to be able to still help others and to be helped in turn! You see, as the old cliché says “life IS what you make of it”.

I know too, that I should have spent more effort creating financial abundance during this time, but for some unknown reason, it just hasn’t been a priority right now, I would guess that it’s just been about survival this month, that and keeping my spirits high.

And yes, my miracle happened…

The story is long and involved, and again someone’s privacy is involved, but it was pointed out to me that I do indeed have a talent, and that my true calling is as a teacher and healer, and I will be making all efforts to refine these gifts for both my highest good and that of those in my life. I am very grateful and honoured to be entrusted with this gift!

The confirmation of this has left me with clarity and a sense of purpose to my life. I know what it is that I can do to add value, and I desire to use it to the very best of my ability.

To my friends, old and new, and my wonderful family I give special gratitude for your valuable support during this time. Tomorrow night I look forward to sleeping in my own bed, after the longest hot shower of my life

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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