2 May 2014 Back in Control


Firstly, please excuse my absence, all kinds of challenges… even this post is only going live 2 days after it was typed…

Well the month of April is finally over! While it is honored as a necessary process that needed to be seen through, the worst is over and I am back in the driver’s seat of my life.

Looking back over the blog posts of the last 30 days, I am amazed at the process I have been through, 03 April was “meltdown” after a day from hell, I felt like giving up; 04 April was “One Final Rant” as I complained bitterly about Kitty not living up to my expectations of her, and later that day “Re-Evaluation” when I realised how putting the needs of others ahead of my own had led me to the place I found myself in; 06 April was “Healing” as I started seeing that things were not all that dark and gloomy and started finding the good in things again, I also re-did my “Top 10 desires” list, for MYSELF this time; 07 April was “Step One” where I apologised for my obsession, I was going to base the next 11 entries on the Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 step program, until I realised, after research, that it would not actually fit

And so the process continued…

The lesson I learn from all of this? A month ago I was in the pits of depression, I felt worthless and alone. The MONTH never got any better, but my THOUGHTS did, and “thoughts become things”…


Candy made it back home Tuesday night, and, it seems that the problem was actually a fractured exhaust header… I MAY be wrong, but hey, she drove 40km around town today without problems besides the exhaust note getting progressively more raucous, but it is fun setting off the alarms of lesser vehicles as I roar past J

Today my next project was confirmed, and the client was understanding enough to forward me part payment to operate with so long. This morning as I drove into town I had to rely utterly on faith as to how I would make it home again!

Despite overwhelming odds, the debt repayment is accomplished and I can move on with my life, wiser and stronger than before.

Funny, while I have been typing this I’ve been having a text conversation with an old friend who was, as usual bemoaning her lot in life, married to an alcoholic, with another alcoholic as a daughter, and when I pointed out to her that she, and she alone, has the power to change her circumstances she got upset at my “lack of sympathy”!???

I ask you! My good friend Ian loved to say “if you looking for sympathy, look in the dictionary, you’ll find it between (and excuse the language please)’shit’ and ‘syphilis’”! And so it is, how much does it help the complainer to say “oh poor baby, I feel SO sorry for you that is TERRIBLE”. Empathy is useful, constructive advice is useful, positive reinforcement is useful, but sympathy only feeds the bad situation, it enables the complainer to only complain more, constantly seeking their “sympathy fix”. And of course the more they focus on their problems, the more of the same they create.

So many people find themselves in poor health, financial difficulties, bad relationships, victims of abuse, but they are unaware of the simple truth that just as they in fact created those circumstances through their past thoughts and actions, so they can change those circumstances by changing their thoughts and actions!

“The definition of Insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results”

Albert Einstein

This blog was intended as a kind of a live experiment, a chronicle of my journey with The Law of Attraction, and I have endeavoured to be honest at all times because my failures are as much a lesson as my successes.

I have explained about the “lag effect”, how a period of negativity brings about a period of negative circumstances, and a period of positivity, positive circumstances, but that the manifestation of our thoughts is not immediate.


The past 12 months of my life, 2013 started with conscious creating of my life, but along the way I allowed my moods to become REACTIONS to circumstances and other people, well mainly ONE person, rather than a CREATION of my own. August saw the highlight of a new relationship blossoming, and in the Joy and Love surrounding that, my Joy became a product of an external source, and as long as things went well, so did my moods and therefor my life, as soon as difficulties arose in the relationship, my moods suffered, and therefor my circumstances!

You see the danger of allowing your joy to become dependent on an external source? We can control OUR lives; we cannot control the lives of others. We should control our own joy; we cannot control the joy of another.

But, the good news is that I am back on track and back in control. The future lies stretched out, a blank canvas, ready to accept the brush strokes I chose to make on it! And I know, without a doubt, that as long as I continue to create my life consciously, that future will be everything I desire it to be.

Never ever forget the great man’s words;

“Whether you think you can, or can’t, either way you are right”

Henry Ford

Go For the and be Awesome

All my Love

Kim Warner

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