06 May 2014 A New Direction

For some time now there has been a sense of expectation, a miracle waiting to unfold, and last night it became apparent…

While I love creating with my carpentry, recently the work has mainly been of the less creative nature, built-in-cupboards and suchlike, I am grateful for the work, and the income, but, screwing together sheets of particle board into the latest fashion of cupboard is NOT my passion.

This past month has given me many quiet hours in which to reflect, and contact with friends past and present. It has given me the chance to ask the questions regarding what I REALLY want, and the reminders of past patterns.

And in this process I realised a few things;

I DON’T Want;

  • To be a hermit
  • To struggle for money
  • To stagnate
  • To be alone for the rest of my life
  • To keep repeating the same patterns

I DO want;

  • To experience new people and new places
  • To add value
  • To LIVE life
  • To share this wonderful life with an equally wonderful partner
  • To break free
  • To Prosper

I also saw that my true passions are

  • Writing
  • Travel
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Teaching and healing
  • And of course “Old” Fords


I have spoken before of my website/blog projects

  • This Blog
  • Healing South Africa
  • Old Ford Club of South Africa


And in conversation to an awesome person, I made the spoken commitment that this year of 2014 will be my last as a commercial carpenter. At the time of my saying that, I had no idea of WHAT would replace this source of income, but my feeling was that there was no challenge left, that I had risen to the top, and that the only way that carpentry would finance the life of my desires would be to expand the business. Truth be told, I don’t see myself dealing with the logistics, frustration and quality control associated with that path.

And yesterday afternoon, following a casual remark about wanting to travel through South Africa the desire and insight grew;

I want to take this message on the road, to every small town in South Africa, sharing what I have learned by giving lectures at each town and village along the way. Teaching the wonderful people of this country how to heal not only their own lives, but the entire country! Spending 2 or 3 days in each town, financing the process by accepting a small donation as entry fee to each seminar, starting a travel blog covering each place visited, building a data base of old Fords, and old Ford spare parts.

I imagine a few months on the road and a month at home, continuing until every part of this beautiful country is covered, meeting new people and making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and growing as a person and as an institution…

Logistics and Planning

Obviously I’m not going to jump into Candy and hit the road this afternoon, there is a process to this plan…

  • I would like to have the use of a laptop and a projector to incorporate multi-media into the presentations
  • Obviously the lectures need to be written and practiced
  • I would require a good quality camera to use in recording my travels and lectures
  • I would require a comfortable, spacious, reliable vehicle, obviously an Old Ford, and that would bring me back to a 3.0 GLX Sierra Estate, powerful enough to carry a load, economical enough to drive far, comfortable enough to arrive fresh, spacious enough to be able to sleep in the back if needed, old enough to be a REAL Ford.
  • The websites need to be up and running, starting to bring in a passive income, ready to accept advertising and content.
  • An admin person to deal with the logistics and advertising sales and pre-marketing…


  • A sum of money enough to sustain me for a period of time as I start…


So this is what I ask for, and I will take action as appropriate, but further to that I hand the “how’s” over to The Universe, people, events and circumstances WILL align to make this desire a reality!


Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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