15 May 2014 Gratitude

One of the most powerful principles of the Law of Attraction is the regular daily practice of gratitude.

But what is gratitude and how is it practiced?

Rhonda Byrne wrote a whole book on Gratitude… “The Magic” and she uses 28 consecutive daily exercises to make the practice of Gratitude a HABIT, and in each of these exercises the key is not in the listing and writing down, but the FEELING of the gratitude. And indeed, the entire secret to “The Secret” is in the FEELING of the processes.

But there is another step, SHOWING gratitude! Another old cliche states “Actions speak louder than words” and as usual eons of wisdom are distilled in these simple words.

“I am so grateful for my car”

Is your car regularly cleaned and serviced? Or do you abuse it and allow it to rot?

“I am so grateful for my home”

Is your home clean, tidy, homely? Or is it neglected and unwelcoming?

“I am so grateful for my wife/husband/lover/significant other”

Do you honour that person and go out of your way to SHOW how appreciated they are? Or do you happily float around in your bubble not giving a damn about their feelings?

“I am so grateful that he/she/it cares so deeply for me”

Are you appreciative enough to spare them unnecessary anxiety by letting them know you arrived safely at your destination? Not 17 hours later when its convenient to you

“I am so grateful for my job/business/employer”

Do you give your employer what he/she/it is due? Or do you do the bare minimum?

You get the picture?

So it is, the intellectual knowledge of the process of the Law are not worth the paper they written on if they are not APPLIED.

Whatever it is you say you want, are your ACTIONS in line with what you claim to want? Do you want a relationship? Have you addressed the issues that caused the last one to fail? Do you want a better relationship? Do you give what you wish to receive? Do you want more money? Are you doing anything to create more money? Do you want a better car? Are you appreciative of the one you have now?

Talk is cheap!

Go Forth and be Awesome!

All my Love

Kim Warner


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