18 May 2014 Adjustments

Firstly a very happy birthday to my awesome, wonderful cousin Jenny Mettam. A loyal follower here and a very special human being, may the best of your past be the worst of your future! Thank you for hosting a lovely family get together!

I have been sporadic in my postings of late and my apologies are due. Truth be told I have been experiencing a bit of a writers block compounded by a disrupted work schedule and personal issues and decisions weighing heavily on my mind. I must admit that the demands of secular life’s project this past week had me on the road very early each day with the result that I have not been following my usual routine of early morning processes, and I can feel the resultant disruption to my level of joy.

So let me use today’s post as a sort of mind dump, random musings and thoughts that have been predominant the past few days.

Firstly I have been working on my plans and arrangements regarding my goal of taking the message of this blog onto the road as described in this past blog post. I am still experiencing some frustration with getting service providers to commit to a pricing plan for my planned websites and blogs, it’s almost as if people don’t want to sell? Regardless, this week I will keep applying pressure to get the required answers, the way I see it, it is essential that the web pages become active before I hit the road. I have also been keeping an eye out for what I have chosen to be the perfect vehicle for this project, and decided upon a start up budget.

While all the preliminary set up is  being accomplished, I do make the commitment that the moment this amount of money becomes available, I will be starting…

People from my past both recent and further back have re-entered my life, a good friend has decided to block me from her life, and I mourn her departure, but I am assured that all is working out exactly as it should, so I do wish Lara all of the very best in her journey, I have tried to make amends for my mistake, but I do honour your choice.

On the relationship side I have been shown that my place right now is to be of service to others and so it is probably fitting too that I chose to be in a “relationship that is not a relationship”, as a supporting character to a rising star, oh my that does sound melodramatic doesn’t it? I have chosen for the foreseeable future to put my ego aside and support Catherine (Kitty) in her quest to “finding herself”, this is a decision that took a lot of thought, and while it may not be exactly what I WANT, it is what is right for both of us right now, I would not be able to sustain a “traditional” relationship while I take to the road, and she is in no position to deal with the responsibilities of a “traditional” relationship as she finds out what her true values are. “Reasons and Seasons” as I have elaborated on before.

I do insist however on total, brutal honesty at all times, and the only commitment I ask for is commitment to her personal progress. Que sera sera, we all just need to be loved and wanted at the end of the day.

Well there it is, life unfolds exactly as it should to enable our personal growth and desires, sometimes not in the way we plan it to, but just because it isn’t going according to OUR plan, doesn’t mean that it is not the best possible way, “the how is the domain of The Universe” after all.

I have decided to start reading and studying “The Master Key System” by Charles F Haanel, this is a series of 24 weekly lessons on visualization, and was along with “The Science of Getting Rich” the inspiration behind “The Secret”. Rest assured I will be sharing what I learn as I go along.

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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