24 May 2014 Back To Basics

What a week! I have to confess that I have allowed all my Law of Attraction processes to slip. Why? Well there are a million excuses, but the bottom line is that I let things slip, isn’t it amazing how good habits slip so easily and bad habits start so easily?

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to return to the basics, both for my own good, and for those reading from this point who have not taken the time to wade back through 125 posts, besides we all need redirection at times…


“The Law of Attraction” is a description which covers a multitude of principles, the basic description is that “like attracts like”, on the level of thought and feelings…

Various scientific and psychological findings support this and lend credible proof to the theory. Experiments have been conducted by NASA and other large organizations that have confirmed many of the theories.

My personal introduction to this way of life came at an “all time low” in my life when I found John Kehoe’s bestseller “Mind Power into the 21st Century“, applying what I learned in this book led me to changing my life around from being homeless and sleeping in a broken down car to a life of steady increase. Later I discovered a DVD of “The Secret” produced and written by Rhonda Byrne, and this opened further understanding, links on their website led me to free ebook downloads of The Science of Getting Rich (basic Law of Attraction), and The Master Key System (advanced visualization course), both of which were inspirational in her work, and from there a growing interest ensued…

Two Quick principles to get out the way…

  • All Matter is Pure Energy

Is the first principle we need to grasp, Einsteins famous formula E=MC2 can be re arranged as m=E/c2 proving that in fact matter IS energy! Once we grasp that even a rock, or the chair on which you sit is simply a dance of energy, PERCEIVED to be solid by our minds, then altering “reality” through use of our thoughts becomes easier to accept.

  • Perceptions shape our reality

We all tend to look at any given situation through a particular “lens” or “filter”, and this affects how we think about things, someone who has struggled with money their entire life, has that as a “reality” in their lives, someone who has struggled with relationships, health, obesity or any prevailing situation, begins to believe that that is the way things are and always will be!

We generally allow our thoughts and feelings to become REACTIONS to outside stimuli, when something good happens, we feel good and think good thoughts, when something bad happens, we feel bad and think bad thoughts, you might even be aware enough to have observed that once one good thing happens, more good things follow, and conversely when bad things happen, more bad follows; “accidents happen in three’s” is an old cliche that illustrates this point wonderfully.

What we fail to understand is that we can “cheat the system”, we can think good thoughts, which create good feelings which, in turn, create good events and circumstances! It’s all about living and creating our lives CONSCIOUSLY. So often however, we find ourselves in such a state of hopelessness, despair or even depression, that we simply do not make the effort, and I speak here from both personal experience and from the observation of others.

So what do we do about those “bad thoughts”?

Well firstly trying to force ourselves to stop thinking them is an exercise in futility, the more you try to stop thinking them, the more we are focusing on them, this is where AFFIRMATIONS become a powerful tool, what are affirmations? Affirmations are short phrases worded in the positive in the present tense that are both easy to remember and to repeat either aloud, or in your mind, example, if you are feeling like you coming down with a cold, repeat, as often as you can throughout your days

“I am healthy”


“I am not getting sick”, the subconscious mind does not recognize negatives, it will pick this phrase up as “I am getting sick”

Another example, you are struggling with obesity;

“I am fit and have the perfect body”


“I will be fit and have the perfect body”, by putting the reality into the future tense, that is where it will reside, IN THE FUTURE, and it will stay there.

Two powerful principles come into play using affirmations, firstly, the mind can only hold one thought at a time, so by replacing a negative thought with a positive thought, there is no capacity to continue thinking the negative thought. Secondly, it is in our subconscious mind that all our power resides, but the subconscious has no reasoning ability, it simply absorbs… EVERYTHING! John Kehoe puts it beautifully when he likens the subconscious to fertile soil in which any seed dropped will take root and flourish, and the conscious mind to the gardener who plants the seeds, the gardener must ensure that every seed dropped into the fertile soil is the seed of a desirable plant. Carefully chosen and correctly worded affirmations are desirable seeds!

The other powerful tool is VISUALIZATION, visualization is using your mind to imagine whatever the object of your desires is, this is more than idle daydreaming, it is LIVING your desire NOW, secure in the knowledge that what you live in your mind is in fact your reality, it is pure energy waiting to condense into solid reality, visualization is an active process and should contain as much detail as possible, try to involve all of your senses, see, smell, feel, taste and hear your your desire (where appropriate of course), use props, test drive the car you want to know what it feels like, sounds like, looks like and smells like… see what I mean about appropriate? (The sales person might find it strange if you lick their car :-)). The principle is to make your visualization as real as possible. Another popular prop is a “vision board” whereupon you paste pictures of your desires so that you can look at this and be reminded of your desires daily… note, just having a bunch of pretty pictures isn’t going to help, unless you use them actively as an aid to your visualization.

To enhance visualization, MEDITATION is encouraged, while many people are intimidated, or even scared by the idea of meditation, meditation is simply the practice of quieting the “noise” in your mind, controlling all the unbidden thoughts that create the background noise in our minds and concentrating solely on visualizing what you want, picture yourself trying to start a fire using the sun and a magnifying glass, you need to focus the suns rays and hold that pinpoint of light steady on one spot for a fire to ignite, so it is with our thoughts.

GRATITUDE and LOVE, are the feelings with the highest energy, so the conscious daily practice of these thoughts and emotions are encouraged with the promise that in consistent practice a habit will be formed, and the more you feel gratitude and love, the more you will attract to yourself people, circumstances and events for which to be grateful, Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Power” (about love), and “The Magic” (about gratitude) are recommended reading to assist with this.

FAITH or BELIEVING is essential, if you don’t believe, or cant be convinced to believe that this works, it will at best only produce limited results, a suggestion is to start by attracting (“manifesting” or “creating”) something small, a cup of coffee, or a unique stone or even the perfect parking place using the processes listed above, once you successfully  attract something small you will have the fait and confidence to move on to bigger things.

ACTION! All of the above WILL require action, both is the mental sense and the physical, but if your actions are in line with your desires and inspired, it won’t even feel like work, you will be able to do it all day and all night without tiring!

The anti-law of attraction? The one thing that will block all of your efforts?


Christian Larson in “The Master Key System” describes fear as “the cloud that obscures our sun”, I am not referring to fear that protects us from harm, but the fear that disables going for what we want out of life, let me share an example of this kind of fear, a real example with which I was personally involved…

A beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring woman fell victim to a violent stalker who wished to posses and control her. Her first reaction was to protect herself from future physical pain and danger to her and her family by becoming obese, trying to become so unattractive that no man would desire her and therefor hurt her again. Selfish advice from those closest to her encouraged her along this path.

Fortunately she was aware enough to understand that this was only harming her body and her health, and so she started exercising and eating correctly. She became strong enough to enter into a relationship, but she chose someone far away, able to control where and when she met him. She was able to lie about where she lived and where she worked and felt the need to do this because of the fear that he too would turn psycho if things didn’t work out.

Fortunately and unfortunately for her he wasn’t stupid, was blessed with an extremely strong intuition and was in her life for a reason.

I say “unfortunately”, because he saw through the lies and deception.

I say “fortunately” because he could understand why she deceived him and he was meant to be in her life at least at this time, in order to heal her from certain recurring situations that have been preventing her from living a happy, successful and independent life.

If she continues to allow fear to rule her life, she will be continually plagued by health problems, will never be able to trust a man again, will never be fully independent, will set a poor example for her children, perpetuating this far into the future.

If she makes small achievable steps each and every day, trusts in her infinite power and takes the action necessary, she will be blessed with everything she has ever wanted.

But it is easy to preach, I have not been “walking the walk of late”, and that I promise to change with immediate effect.

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner


PS: I had an issue this morning with an earth leakage breaker that kept on cutting power, and my story about the Lady in the grip of fear was incomplete, I lost the bit about her helping him just as much in other ways… but I am happy to report that she contacted me and has committed to restarting the spiritual processes every day in order to improve her life and that of her wonderful children. I look forward to hearing and sharing awesome stories of success!

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