27 May 2014 Proof


Thats all it took,

just two mornings of getting back into routine, 45mins each morning which included the time taken to read aloud a lesson from one of the teachers (John Kehoe this morning) and what a difference! Work is flowing again, quotes are being requested, projects are progressing.

As I said just the other day I feel silly to have let everything slip to the extent that I did, it’s very similar in fact to physical exercise, it feels so difficult to get started, but once you do, it is SO enjoyable and rewarding!

There is a increased energy, a heightened optimism, a sense that all is going according to plan and that in this moment, all is well!

Someone said to me of this process that it is “all in the mind” and that I have been “brainwashed”!

Well DUH!!

Of COURSE it is all an the mind! And while there are certain parts of my “brain” that I prefer to leave dirty, the rest certainly did need a good wash 🙂

This fact that it is “all in the mind” is one of the most wonderful aspects of living ones life consciously, on two levels;

FIRSTLY adjusting one’s mental attitude provides one with more focus and drive, the “filter” through which we look at life gets changed, instead of looking for the negative in any given situation, one starts looking for the good! Looking through this new filter one notices new opportunities, and solutions to challenges that one was not able to see before.

SECONDLY “thoughts become things”, what we create in our minds becomes our reality. All matter is pure energy and thoughts felt with emotion are energy waiting to condense into solid form!

Not only my own experiences over the past months have been proof of this fact, I look at everyone close to me and see the way their thoughts, emotions and beliefs transform their actions, and how their actions in turn shape their reality.

Some other observations and lessons learned recently


Being honest is more than just not lying, honesty is also about not hiding your true self! I related the other day how fear influenced someone into lying to me about a great number of things in the belief that this would protect her. In actual fact, the fear became the very thing that harmed her.20-Quotes But more than that, so often we hide aspects of our circumstances, personalities, desires and needs from others, or a significant other in the belief that others would judge these aspects as less than desirable, or find them downright repulsive. Yet in hiding pieces of ourselves from others we walk around like incomplete jigsaw puzzles, with great big gaps in our beings. I repeat, if we are not honest with ourselves we will NEVER lead a happy and successful life, that is not a theory, but a solid fact, hiding ourselves, is being ashamed of ourselves, and that is not showing love for ourselves. Besides, I found out just recently that the very thing I felt so ashamed of, was also the very thing that someone else found so attractive… Go figure!


OK, so I will be harping on this one for a while. Arranging the emotions from highest vibration to lowest, Love and Gratitude top the list, and Fear is the lowest. Fear can be a protection, after all it is fear that warns us of danger and keeps us from harm, but here we are referring to fear as an emotion after all, and this the fear that debilitates one. This is irrational fear, subconscious fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure. Ever watched “Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby”? Will Ferrel plays the role of a cocky NASCAR racer who was involved in a dramatic accident and his confidence was shattered, his FEAR began to rule, he could no longer drive fast, and his drifter father helps him face down his fear. How? By driving with a wild cougar in the back seat of his car, every time he felt fear, the cougar senses the fear and attacks him! Get a cougar into the backseat, (no man, not THAT  type of a cougar!) and face your fears, staring them straight in the eyes until they back down! Nelson Mandela said, and I paraphrase; “courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over fear”. One who has triumphed over his or her fear will be stronger for having ever experienced the fear in the first place!

The night has become late and I rise early again, so I will pause my ramblings till the next time,


Go Forth and BE Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner



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