28 May 2014 Something Different

Creating, Old Fords, and the Law of Attraction

“Creating” has a dual meaning in the context of this blog, I create furniture and allied products, but it also refers to “the creative process” as in creating our lives, our circumstances and our happiness

“the Law of Attraction” is of course what is most written about here

“Old Fords”?

Well I love the older cars from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, that is just me, I feel there is a Majesty, a simplicity a sensuality and rawness to these machines, the height of the art before electronic driving aids started to intrude into the pure pleasure of driving

Why Fords then?

Because of my admiration for Henry Ford, while he had his faults, he was also big enough to apologise for them when he saw the error of his ways. And go Google (as I just did) quotes from ANY other car manufacturer and see how many words of wisdom you will find? Carl enz? Nothing, Baron von Opel (shudder, cringe) nudda, and so forth… On the other hand, pages and pages of Henry Ford quotes are to be found… Here follow a sample for your enjoyment and enrichment.

Go Forth and be like Henry… AWESOME!

All My Love

Kim Warner

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