02 June 2014 Earthships

Imagine a home; isolated enough to be quiet, close enough to a town to be convenient. Imagine this home is on a piece of ground large enough to grow enough organic crops to sustain its inhabitants and to have left over to sell to offset the cost of those things you cannot grow.

Imagine a homestead that provides its own water, electricity and self-regulates its temperature! Even its waste is utilised, water from showers, baths and basins irrigate plants and sewerage is cured in a digester that produces methane gas which can be used to cook and heat the home.

Such a home is possible, and what’s more it’s attractive and cost effective. Its frontage can be dressed to any style you wish, as long as big windows feature on the front (North-Facing in our Southern Hemisphere).Log Cabin Earthship

These buildings have been named “Eathships”, the large sun-facing windows enclose a greenhouse which forms the front of the house, the pile of earth at the rear (earth berm), insulates the rear and sandwiched in between are the living quarters. The Greenhouse not only provides a source of fresh food throughout the year, but warms the home in the winter months. Before the earth berm is formed behind the home, large diameter pipes are laid connected to the rear of the building, and then covered with soil. In the summer months’, opening the glass skylights allows the warm air in the greenhouse area to rise, drawing air cooled through the underground pipes into the interior, cooling the living quarters.

The rear walls of the building are traditionally constructed from discarded tires, rammed full of earth, packed like bricks and plastered, providing a strong, cheap building material.

Solar panels and a wind turbine provide electricity; rainwater collected from the roof is stored in tanks enclosed in the earth berm providing clean, fresh water.

This is MY vision of abundance, a small farm, close enough to a town, a community of like-minded people living together, off the grid, self-sustaining, with no food bills, no power bills, no municipal bills, these people would be freed to live, to really LIVE.

Eco-Friendly living does not need to be primitive, it can be luxurious, it can be convenient, it can be stylish, it can be cost effective, and the quality of life that it affords can be far superior to the man-made anthills that we are conditioned into migrating to.

Imagine raising children in an environment like this? Free to play outside, to explore nature, to be children?

In my list of desires… this is MY home…

Google “Earthships”, and be amazed! http://earthship.com/blogs/2014/06/earthship-biotecture-academy-video-john-senften/

and then…

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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