10 June 2014 Mindfulness and other ramblings

This moment right now is where all your power lies, not tomorrow, not over the weekend, and certainly not on Monday!

We come up with these wonderful ideas, ideas that will make us wealthy, will make our homes comfortable, will save the planet, will grant us the health and fitness we claim to desire… and then we put it off till that magical place where 99% of all human ingenuity, productivity and action are stored… “tomorrow”.

Besides an exceptional few, most of us are guilty of this to a larger or lesser degree, I’ve just been through a rather frustrating episode where a substantial amount of money was wasted because of procrastinating, and more importantly, a potential source of abundance has been delayed by 3 months already, I’ll tell you, it’s frustrating! There is ALWAYS a reason why it can’t be done right now, “priorities”, fear, laziness, depression, but the fact is that none of our lives will ever change for the better if nothing gets done in order to improve them.

Mindfulness of course is something different, mindfulness is about being fully present in this moment, it’s about not living in the past, nor the future, but acknowledging that all our power lies in this present moment. There is a quote floating around, I believe it is credited to Buddha; “if you are depressed, you are living in the past, if you are anxious, you are living in the future, if you are happy, you are living in the present”, and these indeed are wise and powerful words.

So we have been knocked around in the past, we’ve been abused, emotionally scarred, cheated, lied to, robbed, did we learn enough from each of those incidents to be able to avoid the same in the future? Good, so now move on, it’s water under the bridge, and all the griping about it will not ever turn the flow of that river around and bring it back to us.

So we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we don’t know if we will be able to retire, or buy a home, or how long Candy will last with the bearing knock she has developed… All the worrying in the world will not help, in fact, according to the Law of Attraction, it will only bring to us that very thing over which we are anxious.

Each new day is a gift of 86,400 seconds, how many of those seconds do we use effectively? When I look at the actions of the people I know fairly well, I would be able to say with conviction that, on average, they use about 25% of their time effectively, oh they keep themselves VERY busy, and they will defend with their last breath the importance of each choice they make regarding the use of their time…

But at the end of the month, they will also bemoan how expensive things are, how little money they have, how little time they have… And please let me make this clear, I am one of those people! I would like to believe that I am present enough to be different, and I certainly do take responsibility for my “wasting time” occasionally, but the truth is that very often I know what I should be doing, but find myself doing everything but…

I’ll give an example, I have spoken quite often about my planned websites, one of them holds the greatest financial potential, but that one is not entirely mine, and I wait for my Partner in this venture to make effort, I have my reasons for waiting on this one, but what about the others? I COULD continue with them so long, but I wait for progress on the one before I do the rest. THAT is the kind of ineffective behavior I refer to. If something is truly a passion, really a desire, NOTHINGĀ  would delay our action in that regard!

I think… no wait… I KNOW that if I would have spent the time that I wasted on nagging about the lack of progress on that one website, on the others, I would have had the other 4 up and running already! At the same time, if we had made the necessary effort on that one, we would already be earning money from it!

There is this one thief that we invite into our homes, in fact we pay every month to accommodate this thief, and then create a special alter for it to be worshiped upon. This thief steals our time, and fills our minds with the propaganda of a rotten financial system, we call this thief television, and we justify the hours we spend rotting our minds in front of its cyclops eye as “relaxation”. We don’t feed our souls anymore, we do not read, we don’t have time for hobbies, the TV has replaced that all. Time spent watching the lies fed to us is now “family time”.

At least on this front I have broken free, our humble home has a big old CRT version sitting in the living room, hooked up to an amplifier and powerful speakers, but thankfully the antennae jack remains blissfully unplugged, it is rather coupled to a games console and a dvd player, and the difference here is that we can chose what we want to watch, when we want to watch it!

What prevents me from making progress is different, often tied to my emotions, fears and subconscious blocks, and I try to remain mindful of these as often as I can, at least when I procrastinate, I have a good idea of WHY I do.

I really do wish there was someone who was prepared to take an interest in my progress, someone who would make me accountable as what actions I have and have not taken in furtherance of my own desires, but those I have asked are too busy, and quite possibly that is the lesson I need to learn… self reliance!?!?

I guess that is one of the advantages of maintaining a blog, once I put it out here, I sorta feel embarrassed to admit that I have not taken the necessary steps, but still, it would feel good to have someone, anyone who cares enough to push me a little bit…

Go Forth and be Awesome

All my Love

Kim Warner

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