11 June 2014 The Power of Our Words

“Sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”

As beloved as some cliche’s may be to me, this is probably the least accurate of them all! Words have power beyond what most realize.

Power of good, and power of bad, power over others and power over ourselves!

Words can uplift the spirits of those who feel too weary to go on, words can create ecstasy, words can break the spirit, and words can cause pain more longer lasting than any stick or stone.

Words and Others:

“Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall.”
Jodi Picoult, Salem Falls

The words of those we love, respect and admire are powerful, a word of encouragement can make all the difference to anyone struggling to cope. A hurtful word can kill, if not the body, certainly the spirit. We always need to stay vigilant, remembering that what we say to others can and does have tremendous impact on others.

“Remember, always keep your words soft and sweet, you never know when you might have to eat them”  – Pip Freedman

A skilled orator uses words like a musical instrument, subtle variations in pitch, timing and volume can mobilize a nation to his or her cause, just look at the example of Adolf Hitler to see how words can be used to influence people. Sometimes soft and sweet words are all that is needed, so it is always a good place to start, one can always resort to tougher tactics if the soft and gentle approach doesn’t bear fruits, it’s much more challenging to start aggressive and then try to be gentle.

But it is really the motive behind one’s words that will make the difference. If your motive is Love, Care and Respect, no matter how many mistakes you make in your approach, all will never be lost.

These are thoughts on the power of your/my words on others, but where the true power of our words is evident is…

Words and Yourself:

The choice of words you make when talking about yourself has so much more impact than most people realize, and if we stop and give this some due consideration, this makes perfect sense, after all, who, besides ourselves can we really trust? Who will we ever know as intimately as we know ourselves? Who really is more important in each and every one of our lives, than ourselves?

So when we choose to use words such as:

  • “I can’t”
  • “I won’t”
  • “It’s hard”
  • “I don’t believe”

We literally believe those words, and why wouldn’t we? After all, we are saying those words to OURSELVES. A beloved client of mine always says “kannie bestaan nie”, which is Afrikaans for “‘Can’t’ doesn’t exist”, and this was something that I was taught and have remembered for a long time now, the very MOMENT we say “I can’t” our minds take that as a command and literally stop trying to find a solution. Choose your words wisely, because your words are the outer reflection of your thoughts. Choose empowering alternatives…

  • Replace “I can’t” with “I choose not to”
  • Replace “I won’t” with “I would rather not”
  • Replace “It’s hard” with “It is a challenge”
  • Replace “I don’t believe” with “I need further proof”

Each of the replacement phrases are empowering, each leaves a possibility open.

Also beware of whatever words you use following “I am…” this is SO important because these are powerful commands to yourself and therefor to the Universe

  • “I am tired”
  • “I am weak”
  • “I am forgetful”
  • “I am shy”
  • “I am fat”
  • “I am poor”

Realize please that each time you say something negative after the words “I am”, you are harming yourself! Rather say nothing, but if you HAVE to, then find some EMPOWERING alternative

  • “I am overcoming fatigue”
  • “I am building my strength”
  • “I am improving my memory”
  • “I am building my confidence”
  • “I am regaining the body of my desires”
  • “I am building my wealth”

Speaking this way forces us to think about how we are thinking, and after all, our thoughts create our reality

And always remember Master Yoda’s words “No! Do… or do not, there is no ‘try’!”

Go Forth and be Awesome

All my Love

Kim Warner



One thought on “11 June 2014 The Power of Our Words

  1. Fantastic!!!!! I’m gonna DO this!!!! Thanks KIM !! XxxxxX

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