16 June 2014 The Revolution

Just take a moment and STOP! Take a long hard honest look at the world around you and forget all the conditioning that society has infected you with.

Observe the pillars of our society, Religion, Politics and The Economy/Money.

If you are able to see the truth, you are most likely shocked!

Religion has lost the stranglehold it once had on western society, people are starting to think for themselves, people are asking questions that religion can no longer answer, and blind faith is just that… BLIND! By and large churches are becoming little more than business, big business at that, and their followers gather together on a Sunday morning to pay lip service to a theology that they no longer live.

Let us face it, how many of the “faithful” commit fornication (the Biblical definition of which is ANY sexual act outside of the constraints of marriage), steal, adorn themselves with tattoos or piercings, are guilty of greed, idolatry and many other practices forbidden by biblical law? Asking any of these “Christians” how they justify this and the answer is generally along the lines of “the Bible is open to interpretation”, or “the Bible was written by imperfect men”, and therein lies the loss of the influence organised religion once held. The moment ONE “law” is disregarded, the thin edge of the wedge has found purchase and the rest will follow.

People are sick to death of the hypocrisy, greed and involvement in politics that has become the hallmarks of organised religion

Politics… Need one even say any more, our governments no longer serve us; we serve them and live in fear of them. Outrageous scandals, corruption, greed and dishonesty have become synonymous with politics. It was Mark Twain who said “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”! My hero Henry Ford also wrote: “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian”.

And then there is the

Economy, there is this old joke about how the American Economy works, a tourist visits an Egyptian hotel, says he wants to have a look around before he decides whether he chooses to stay there, “That will require a $100.00 deposit” the hotelier tells the tourist who agrees, as soon as he receives the $100.00 the hotelier rushes off to pay the grocer who he owes $100.00, the grocer pays the $100.00 to the butcher who he owes, who pays the farmer, who pays the electrician who pays the prostitute, who pays the hotelier the $100.00 she owed the hotel for her last stay, the tourist comes back to the front counter and says he has decided not to stay and the hotelier refunds him his $100.00, yet everyone has been paid J

The frightening truth is that the entire world economy is operating like a vast pyramid scheme, money gets printed without any intrinsic value to back it up (remember when we used to have the gold standard?), and banks are allowed to borrow money up to 10 times the actual money they have in their vaults, and most of the money in circulation only exits as the binary codes of digital transactions. The whole monetary system is balanced on a knife edge…

If you wish to see much more detail, do yourself a favour and get hold of a copy of “Zeitgeist”.

This is the reality of the world that we live in, and we as the population are so conditioned that we accept all of this and dance harder and faster to the tune that our masters play for us. We buy into the lies, we submit to the system, blinded by the illusion presented to us. We are convinced that the responsible path is to attend school for 12years and receive our primary indoctrination; we are moulded and shaped for the next phase. Study at University, learn to become a functional cog in the system, then work for 40 years and consume, consume, consume, in that time raise your 2.4 children, pay of your mortgage, keep buying your disposable cars, and save towards your retirement, pay your insurances, the banks need your money!

Then sit around waiting to die!

But the system is not sustainable, and neither is the planet! Something has to give!

We are not living, we are existing, and our only “happiness” is what we are convinced to buy. Our only “relaxation” is the time we spend sitting in front of the TV, and even during that time we are inundated by advertising and product placements brainwashing us to buy, buy, buy!

I could go on and on, but the fact is that the revolution is coming, it has in fact started already; more and more people worldwide are starting to see the truth! And the powers that be are TERRIFIED! Already steps are being taken to censor the internet, the UK is busy drafting legislation to ban access to “esoteric” sites, using the excuse that they need to make a blanket ban to block child pornography… I ask You!

This revolution is not a bloody uprising, it’s a growing mass consciousness, and it’s driven by this very internet which has for the first time in history given each individual a voice. It’s a levelling of the playing field, an opportunity to establish new values.

Forget about stockpiling money, each day inflation eats away at its value, and what little perceived value that it does have left can disappear entirely overnight. Invest in yourself, learn to be self-sufficient, learn to connect to the source of wisdom, learn to attract to yourself what you need to thrive and to survive. In other words, connect less to the material world, and more to the infinite. Learn that all you need is already there, you only need to connect.

I would suggest getting the hell out of the cities if you can, besides everything else, that is not the life for any human who wishes to live a real life. Learn to grow your own food, learn to be self-sufficient. Knowledge will be your greatest asset.

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

One thought on “16 June 2014 The Revolution

  1. Wow Cuz lots of “FOOD” for thought there… Keep on writing!!!!! Lots of love xxx

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