20 June 2014 Financial Abundance

My goodness, my posts have certainly been infrequent of late, there are a number of reasons…

No1, I would guess has been a reshuffle in my personal schedules, I’m back to an early morning start with Meditation and discussion with Catherine, since we have both agreed that having a “study buddy” does assist in the regularity of starting our days right, so I am up just after 05h00 and from 05h30 until around 06h15 I am busy on the phone, and then I have breakfast and the first of my many morning coffees, damn I gotta kick that addiction sometime soon! After that I’m kinda eager to get on with my day. By the time i get home (or out of the workshop) there is housekeeping and cooking, and the night arrives early in winter (well at least that starts turning around tomorrow) and then the temptation is so strong in the evenings to curl up on the couch and watch a movie… you get it don’t you?

No2, When I do resist the temptation to watch a movie, I’m involved in learning to design websites, for a rank amateur, there is so much to learn and to practice, and then…

No3, I have had to re-learn so much about page layout and design, and using newer and unfamiliar magazine design programs for the magazine a friend has asked for my involvement with, but I have done the bulk of the pre-work there, now it’s just up to Wendy to start selling the advertising (hint-hint)

No4, It’s COLD, damn, I prefer winter days to summer, I always say that I am more efficient in winter than in summer, but not so much at night when the warmth of a bed is SO tempting, but a recently found tutorial on a hyper efficient heater using 2 clay plant pots, a bread tin and 4 tea-light candles gives some hope of a warmer house at night, if I can just find the necessary pots!

No5, I seem to have said it all before, and wonder what to write about that is new and fresh. But then it struck me today that the intention of this blog was never to instruct you the reader, but rather to share my experiences, my successes and failures with my journey with the Law of Attraction, so with that in mind…

I have realised that the area in which I have been least succesful of late has been in my manifesting of financial abundance, it was therefor synchronous that today of all days I came across a very interesting page entitled “Five Simple Ways to Trick Your Mind Into Attracting Wealth“, and this actually formed the basis of my discussion with Catherine this morning, the 5 points being;

  1. Show Gratitude for any money that enters your life
  2. Act as if you are rich
  3. Find a penny, pick it up
  4. Be open to money-making opportunities
  5. Do something that makes you feel good

Basically the summary of each point is as follows

1.) To attract more money into our lives, we need to be grateful for the money we already do earn; putting our wealth into context helps here, anyone earning more than zaR 1,800.00 (us$ 181.83) per month belongs in the top 15% of wealth worldwide, and anyone earning above zaR 21,100.00 (us$ 2,116.66) per month belongs in the top 10%, considering these figures, the very fact that you have access to read these words, puts you among the wealthiest minority of individuals worldwide! So rather than complain about how little you have focus on how MUCH you have, gratitude is the most powerful way of doing this, the article urges us, next time money enters into our life for any reason whatsoever, instead of barely noticing this event and mentally beginning to spend this income, to rather give sincere and heartfelt thanks for the money received, doing so consistently will attract more and more money into your life.

  • Personal Verdict? While I DO practice gratitude on a daily basis, I do usually fall into the trap of barely acknowledging the receipt of money and DO start mentally “spending” it, more often than not even feeling disappointed that there isn’t enough
  • Adjustment? Making a concerted effort to FEEL true gratitude every time ANY money is paid to me, and to realise just how privileged I am to enjoy the financial abundance I already have.

2.) A fundamental truth of Mindpower, and the Law of Attraction is that you must ACT as if what you want is already yours, obviously this is limited by the financial resources already available, however we can start small, and as each action brings about results, we build greather and greater wealth, so we can eat a bit better, dress a bit better, and as the results become manifest we build on that success. Basking in ones inner state of wealth will be reflected in your outer world, and life WILL provide for the things which bring us joy. The suggestion here is that the next time you buy anything, buy an item that is of slightly higher quality and price than what you would usually buy. “Even though it is a tiny step, you are beginning to teach your mind that you are expanding your limitations, and as you practice this you will begin to purchase more of the things you want in your life and the money will come to you to pay for them.”

  • Personal Verdict? Mmmmm, with a few exceptions, I DO buy according to price, and DO put off unnecessary purchases till the last…
  • Adjustment? To start treating myself again, I can’t even remember when last I sat and enjoyed a meal at a restaurant/

3.) This is about opening your subconscious to the idea of wealth flowing to you. We in South Africa don’t have “pennies” anymore, the old One Cent coin has been discontinued for a number of years, and the same with the five cent coin more recently, a Ten cent coin is now the smallest value coin we have, and let me tell you it’s a tiny coin. If your usual reaction to seeing a coin of the lowest value lying on the street is that it is not worth the effort or indignity of stooping to pick it up, the message that your subconscious is receiving is that you are not willing to put out an effort for money. The amount makes no difference, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between ten cents and One Million Rand, to this primitive mind, money is money. Besides picking up pennies, there are other actions that relay the same message to your subconscious, these include;

  • not accepting a gift graciously
  • not charging someone for work you have done for them
  • or charge less than you should because you feel guilty
  • selling a product for less than it is worth

all of these generate the same emotions. The writer of this article instructs us to be open to money in any form and to accept it’s flow into our life. Every time you see any coin lying on the sidewalk, pick it up, make sure you charge fairly for your products and services, teach your subconscious that you are open to receiving money in any form and from any opportunity.

  • Personal Verdict? My vehicle (the wonderful and awesome Candy), my workshop and my home is littered with “coppers”, often tarnished by damp and age, hell, sometimes I even use coins as washers!
  • Adjustment? From now on I will charge a fair price, never do anything for nothing and I will honour and be grateful for ANY money I have, no matter how small it’s value might be.

4.) All self-made millionaires agree that opportunities are EVERYWHERE, as long as we are open to seeing them! I am sure that you, like I can look back at opportunities you DID see, and probably never acted upon, you might even have noticed that someone else DID act upon this opportunity with success? There is an old adage that states “luck occurs when opportunity meets preparation”, so true! If you EXPECT to find money-making opportunities and PREPARE to take advantage of them, you WILL be blessed with more luck than you have ever experienced. The suggestion here is to to dedicate a notebook to recording any and all money making ideas you can think of, no matter how “stupid and outrageous” they might appear. This action accomplishes two things, firstly, you realize just how many money-making opportunities there are around you, and secondly, this will stimulate your mind to see opportunities you might have overlooked before, eventually, and sooner than you think, you will see an opportunity which is perfect for you. THEN GO FOR IT!

  • Personal Verdict? I have had my fair share of missed opportunities, and of ideas never fully acted upon, and yes, often I look with amazement at the ideas and successes of others wishing I had their creativity and ideas.
  • Adjustment? I will definitely be dedicating a notebook to ideas and opportunities with immediate effect, but more than that I will be turbocharging my ACTIONS regarding the opportunities already identified (including upping the pressure on “Ms Next Week” regarding a certain website)

5.) The fun part, When we feel good, our energy rises, when our energy rises, this in turn attracts more of the things that make us feel good into our life. The states of  Happiness and Joy literally rearrange the atoms of our world to bring to us MORE Happiness and Joy, the opposite of course is also true, so we need to identify and DO those things that bring us good feelings

  • Personal Verdict? I do do things that bring me joy, but very often I also feel guilty about the time and money sacrificed in doing so.
  • Action? I am going to make a “feel good time” part of my daily schedule.

I will be creating the abundance necessary to make my dreams and desires manifest!


Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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