02 July 2014 Time of Rebuilding

And so life returns to normal, not that there has ever been anything “normal” about my life.

Albert Einstein, said “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result” and it’s time to make a major change of direction.

Stability, Prosperity and Self-Love HAVE to be the focus of my life and creation from this point forward

Looking back over the past year, I am able to see the huge steps forward that I have taken personally, I am hardly the same person anymore, conversely there have been areas of my life that have suffered neglect during the same time period, my poor Candy is one of those neglected and my daily commute through horrendous roads at the hands of a sadistic psychopath have taken it’s toll, but I swear that old girl is just SO tail happy 🙂

But seriously, my focus, at least for the duration of this blog has been on one thing, well, one PERSON, and well, while that was a journey of interesting twists and turns, I have realized that had I given half that focus to other important areas of my life I would have been in a different space right now!

So a Plan Of Action…

On the 20th of this month I had written a post on “Financial Abundance“, inspired by an article I had read, and then the wheels kinda fell off, so lets get back to what was basically said there

  1. Show Gratitude for any money that enters your life
  2. Act as if you are rich
  3. Find a penny, pick it up
  4. Be open to money-making opportunities
  5. Do something that makes you feel good

The key to using the principles of the Law of Attraction is CONSISTENCY and to be quite honest, that IS where I am challenged most, like trying to start a fire using the sun and a magnifying glass, one needs to FOCUS the suns ray into a small pinpoint of energy, and CONSISTENTLY hold that focus on ONE spot for LONG ENOUGH until enough energy is absorbed to IGNITE a flame. So…

  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Singularity
  • Time

Are the key ingredients to the recipe!

What have I been doing? Well I get the magnifying glass and I focus the suns rays onto a piece of paper, then I consider rather using the dry grass next to it, then talk to someone and lose the necessary pinpoint focus and then decide I’ll start again tomorrow, tomorrow turns out to be cloudy, then I decide that I don’t need to start a fire after all because the person I was going to cook a meal for on the fire pissed me off, so I decide to build a go-cart instead, then the person says “if you’d cooked my meal I would’ve paid you” so I decide to light the fire again… but now it’s a cloudy day … you get the picture right?

Having taken a long hard look at my life and my actions, I was able to see that while I may claim to be happy with the “bare necessities”, there is a bigger picture involved…

1.) IF I ever want a lady to share my life with me, I need to be able to offer at the very least STABILITY, I have actually been consciously aware of a number of subconscious beliefs working against regarding prosperity and love

  • My childhood fantasy that I was an extremely wealthy man who projected the image of poverty, hiding the nature of my wealth until I found a woman who loved me and accepted me as a poor man, only then revealing to her the true extent of my wealth. I was raised by a single mother on welfare and what she earned as a seamstress. Money was always an issue and yes I did feel VERY inferior to my schoolmates who were able to do, buy and have things and activities which were denied to me. And yes, even when I started noticing the fairer sex, they weren’t interested in the poor kid. So a bad relationship developed between love and money in my subconscious.
  • My courting and marriage with my ex-wife; I started my working life at age 14, and was then able to start enjoying a social life with my earnings and I pretty much fell in love with, courted and married that one girl. We were married while at the tender age of 21 (religious influences) and pretty much started with NOTHING, our first “home” was a squalid servants quarters in a slum area of Cape Town, but together we worked hard, saved and built ourselves up until only 4 years later we owned a beautiful home of our own.
  • My divorce from my ex-wife; after really struggling for 4 years, then another 2 years of sacrifice renovating our home, I achieved abundance in the form of an excellent position at a large daily newspaper, our money woe’s were over and we could start LIVING, only to have our marriage fall apart!
  • Money being a major issue in every relationship since then.

So, the picture of my subconscious conditioning regarding the relationship between money and the most important thing in my live (love) starts to emerge…

My earliest impressions moulded me into a person who looked for a woman that would be impressed by ME, and not by what I have to offer financially, my longest relationship started off poor and TOGETHER we built up the abundance we desired. That achieving financial abundance coincided with the end of that relationship, and that all women since then valued money over love!

Please note that this is not true, but is the picture that my subconscious would have absorbed, remembering that the subconscious does not possess reasoning ability, it simply believes!

2.)There is a joke about Scotsmen and money, and one line is that “money may not buy happiness, but it is more comfortable to cry on the backseat of a Rolls Royce than it is to cry sitting on a bicycle”, many a true word spoken in jest they say, so I pursue happiness exclusive from money and when things go wrong as they sometimes do, I tend to sit with the loss of the thing/person I was pursuing compounded by the fact that I am unable to afford to do something that makes me feel good.

3.) My success can serve to enrich, empower, assist many, my failure does not serve even me! If my passion as stated before is helping others in any way, financial resources will be needed and are part and parcel of the entire package. Even excluding materially assisting others I still need to set an example, little point in spreading the word, if I myself am not an example of the success that is possible through these processes.

Yes, I have enjoyed wonderful success in my journey with the LoA this far, I have pulled myself off the street, I have traveled, I have loved, I have manifested the home I dreamed of, I have manifested the wonderful Candy, even the Lady whose name I dare not mention 🙂 was the manifestation of a desire and an assistance in my journey, so it wasn’t what I thought it was… “reasons and seasons”

What I am saying in my usual round about way is that I do believe I have achieved incredible success to date in many areas of my life, the two areas still requiring the most work is Money and Relationships, and while, idealistically these two should have no connection, the reality is they do, I am no longer a 21 year old, starting life out with another 21 year old, with pockets filled with only hopes and dreams, I am a 45year old, and any partner I find now will have needs of security and stability for themselves and their responsibilities and dependents, young at heart is good, but maturity of attitude is also important.

My next entry will be my POA

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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