6 July 2014 The Road Forward

I have to start off with a note expressing my disappointment…
Over the past week or so I have written some very angry and negative blog entries, an average entry on this blog gets about 2 or 3 hits, the worst two entries, got 29 and 47 hits respectively, I know it is human nature that the negative and the sensational attracts the most interest, but I really had hoped that the good, positive and up-building would be just as popular… Sigh! Well for those who are reading this, I thank you for your interest in the ramblings of a man who is NOT angry, bitter and torn apart.
Moving on;
Having taken the time to do some soul searching along with a thourough examination of my life I had come to the conclusion in 02 July 2014 Time of Rebuilding, that I needed to start addressing the root causes behind my inconsistency and lack of stability, that I should start doing things for MYSELF first, and that in so doing I need to develop and nurture self-love and that my success can benefit many, my failure not even myself.
My Next entry 04 July 2014 P.O.A. started outlining the double-edged approach to addressing this, “Spiritually” and “Practically”.
Today I have taken advantage of the cold weather and stayed at my desk most of the day and spent my time establishing my goals, prioritizing them, assigning a target date to each, then estimating the financial cost of each. It is important to have a road-map because life is famous for “happening”, we lose our way, or decide to explore a side-road along our journey and, without a map on hand we get lost. So, step-by-step, starting with small goals (my first one is to truly enjoy my birthday in 10 days time) then having my first website go live a month later, then taking the time and money to address some ailments my Wonderful Candy has been suffering for some time (engine rebuild, respray, new tires) by end September, securing a new addition to may family by end October (Candy is lonely and needs a younger sibling), and finally (for 2014) the abundance necessary to spend the Christmas holidays ON HOLIDAY, I see a 5000km road-trip in my future 😉
2015 is the year I secure my Eco-village, considering all the alternatives I now believe that the fastest way in which this can be brought to reality will be through establishing a trust, attracting investors and building as a community, I will be starting that process much sooner than that of course, but my goal is that by the end of the first quarter of 2015 we will have secured the property and will begin building.
So the goal is to that by the beginning of July 2015 I will have accomplished 2 major goals,financial abundance, and personal stability.
OK so that’s the road-map… “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride” they say, so HOW?

• Consistency! I have explained on the 2nd July that I acknowledge that this has been an area in which I have been struggling, like starting a fire using the sun’s rays and a magnifying glass, consistent focus on ONE thing at a time is called for
• Doing so for ME! People come and go, but the one person who HAS to come first is ME, I have always been putting forth the effort to do it for someone else, and then if that person disappoints or leaves, my motivation leaves too!
• A progressive approach, my goals start small, those easiest to manifest in the beginning, building up to the bigger ones, the success of each small goal feeding the belief in achieving the next.

I will be sure to continue updating my progress…
Go Forth and be Awesome
All My Love
Kim Warner


One thought on “6 July 2014 The Road Forward

  1. U go Kim!! Nice may I say and very inspiring!! I think its time I too take a leaf outta your book. Keep at it and I will support u!!

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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