07 July 2014 Living Consciously

During meditation earlier today it struck me like a ton of bricks…

That ol’ subconscious brain, the “lizard brain”, I’ve spoken of many times before…

I did a little research to refresh my understanding of the “3 brains” within the human mind and I came across this very interesting article


Here it is explained that the brain is made up of three areas, or “layers”

  1. The Reptilian
  2. The Limbic
  3. The Neo-cortex

Each section has it’s purpose.

“The Reptilian section (1) is the instant (no discernment) ‘survival mode’ response section of the brain. It is the oldest in terms of our human evolution, ‘The Old Brain’, The Reptilian Brain.

The Limbic section (2) is the section of the brain that first emerged in Mammals. It generates our feelings and emotions in regard to our current reality.

The Neo-cortex section (3) is the Neo-Mammalian section of the brain, the evolved section of higher order thinking  It has infinite abilities.  It is the evolved conscious section of our brain which is most in line with source, with our higher self, our true unlimited potential. It generates creation, manifestation, imagination, awareness, development, logical thinking, objectivity, empathy and most importantly: consciousness. ‘The New Brain’”

So to sum up, our “3 brains” are Intelligence, Emotions and Instincts

Most of us are locked more into the “Instincts” of the Reptilian Brain and the “Emotions” of the Limbic Brain, constantly REACTING to outside influence, and one of the most “successful” intrusions into the reptilian brain is in the form of ADVERTISING, bold colours (Esp Red), sexually attractive models, and wording that appeals to our INSTINCTS are prolific in advertising, use of words such as “imagine” “sexy “safe” “comfort” “instinct” and phrases such as “you KNOW you want it” “you DESERVE it” all appeal directly to your reptilian brain.

I digress… as usual

The Neo-Cortex is rational, and aware, it has the ability to be able to communicate in words, to create, to form complex models, but it can only do one thing at a time, even so-called “multi-tasking” is in fact a rapid switching between two functions rather than being able to handle both simultaneously.

The Subconscious on the other hand is entirely subjective and is NOT aware, has no reasoning ability, cannot understand words and communicates entirely with pictures and symbols. But it can, and does, handle trillions of functions simultaneously.

I will illustrate this from my personal experience;

I am not much of a sportsman when it comes to ball games, hell I hate them, put me on a sports field and throw a ball at me and I will close my hand an arms length from where the ball passed and seconds later, why? Because I was expecting it, and was trying to catch the ball using my RATIONAL mind, the complexities of calculating the trajectory of the ball combined with it’s rate of deceleration, wind drift etc are all too much for the neo-cortex to calculate. Throw a set of car keys at me without me expecting them, and I will probably catch them, why? Because instinct took over! Even there I will be less consistently successful in catching those keys than the average human because growing up I never had anyone play catch with me. PRACTICE is what embeds into the subconscious.

On the other hand, I am (with all humility) an above average driver, I can handle a vehicle without any driving aids at high speeds on dirt roads and wet slippery roads, I can catch and hold a four-wheel drift, slide a car through a corner, emergency brake without locking wheels, instinctively react safely to a blowout at high speed even heavily laden towing a trailer, why? Practice, I grew up in a family where motor sport was THE sport, I rode bicycle on farm roads, and was instructed in driving by my brother, regional rally champion at the time. In other words, all the complexities of controlling a motor vehicle became embedded into my subconscious brain through EXPECTATION and PRACTICE.

So how does this all relate to The Law of Attraction and my life?

Well, the rational mind, or the Neo-Cortex is where all creation takes place. I want to buy a car, it’s my rational mind that weighs up all my likes and dislikes, my needs and wants, searches through the “database” of Old Fords and decides on the one that most closely fits. Then it’s my rational mind that decides how much I can afford, or in this case how I will “attract” it. These are the functions of my rational mind. The Limbic mind with it’s focus on EMOTIONS is what has determined that it will not only be a Ford, but an OLD Ford. And then there is that Reptile Brain, it either supports this decision and believes that A.) I WILL find that perfect Sierra 3.0 GLX, B.) That I can and will be able to afford it and C.) That it is safe to do so. If the Reptile Brain believes that it is NOT safe, that I will NOT find it or that I will NOT be able to afford it, it will act in “preservation” and throw up blocks and doubts.

Usually these blocks will be “mental” in nature, procrastination, laziness, or second-guessing myself so that I do not end up buying that car. But maybe my rational mind is SO hell bent on achieving this goal that it powers me through all the roadblocks, then what? Then, through the connectedness with all things, these blocks will appear in PHYSICAL FORM! Either I would not be able to find any suitable cars, or work will be held up (holding up the necessary money naturally) or any number of physical manifestations will arise to block that goal, so then what?

This is why it is so important to develop a relationship with your subconscious, to search through it’s archives and to do regular housekeeping, and then to ensure that any future thoughts that do take root within its fertile soil are thoughts that SUPPORT your goals.


Affirmations, repeated consistently not only create a “perceived” reality for your unreasoning subconscious to accept as reality, but also keep the Conscious mind (the Neo-Cortex) “occupied”, and due to it’s “can only do one thing at a time restriction”, therefor there is no capacity left to think thoughts that do NOT support your goals. Remember the habitual thoughts of your conscious mind become the conditioning and beliefs of your subconscious

Visualization also acts to create a “reality” that the subconscious accepts as a fact, IF practiced regularly and consistently.

Meditation and/or self-hypnosis creates access to the subconscious which is why it is SO beneficial to visualize while in a meditative state.

Ant there is the “Talk”, now it’s just up to me to walk the “walk”

This morning I did, 30mins of awesome guided meditation, and a list of 10 things I am grateful for and WHY, and my day is flowing beautifully.

Go Forth and be (consistently) Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner


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