02 August 2014 Taking Control

“Time Flies When You Having Fun” they say, and time has certainly flown, life has been busy, and that has been a creation of mine.

Somehow between the working day, the one-on-one conversations with my fellow students, developing the retail website and writing my book (yes, that is finally happening) little time seems available and this blog has been a casualty!

So this Saturday evening I have taken time out to make the effort of making this post.

Writing has been unexpectedly enlightening, I chose the title “Living with Freeluv” and sadly it is autobiographical, “Freeluv” was the non-DE-plume I chose for my foray into the shadowy world of cyber relationships, and the anonymity it afforded me allowed me to create an  alternate identity and it occurred to me that this personality was born out of my interactions with significant relationships in my life. Freeluv was all that I despised in a man, and all that I secretly wished to be! I was tempted to research writing techniques and processes, but decided to rather just go with the flow and hopefully create something fresh, raw and new. I have just been writing, figuring that I will rather get the task of digitizing all of the words and then re-arranging them into a structure and fleshing out the characters later.

So many small influences have been remembered and or their significance has been recognized, and this has been the most enlightening part of the whole process.

Anyway, I entitled this post “Taking Control”, maybe Re-taking Control would have been more apt!

But so much of my desired financial abundance has been co-dependent on others who seem to be consistently procrastinating that I realize the truth of the adage “If you wish to get something done (properly), do it yourself”!

The magazine? I have done what I can so far and it’s already August, every day presents a new distraction for the individual who needs to sell the publication, so all that’s left for me there is to release the process to the flow and trust that one day she will be ready to do something.

The Website? Well now that I understand the true circumstances of my financial/admin partner in this venture, I have agreed to take over the research of the products and suppliers, once the money starts flowing in, she will take care of the tax, admin and suchlike as needed… As the good book says “the truth shall set you free”.

And then of course my book, well truth being told it’s more of a hobby, a passion, a process… But there is no reason that it can’t be a source of financial abundance, at least the only person involved there is me, the only person I need to depend upon, is me.

It is late, time to bid adieu, at least SOMETHING has been written here for a change.

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner


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