10 September 2014 Frustration

And still the resistance to doing what I should be doing continues…

I was talking to a friend just today and we agreed… WE KNOW what we need to do, WE KNOW that when we don’t life SUCKS, when we do life FLOWS, but yet, life gets busy, we stress so much about what we feel is important, that taking the time to do what needs to be done just never seems to happen.

It all originates, I believe, with conditioning, we are conditioned to believe that this outer world… what we “see” and “feel”, “hear”, “smell” and “taste” every day is “REALITY”, but that the inner world, the world of our thoughts and imagination is the “fantasy”.

There is a growing awareness, the 1999 movie “The Matrix” has as a theme, the concept that the “reality” we perceive is simply a computer program playing in our consciousness to hide us from a reality that would be too awful to accept. Quantum physics teaches us that all matter is everywhere at every time, but that it is WHERE we INTERACT with this matter that leads us to PERCEIVE it’s state, condition and form, so WE CREATE OUR REALITIES!!!

Let me use an example…

Someone is struggling with the condition of being overweight, for years this has been this persons reality…

This person KNOWS the power of the Law of Attraction, this person has EXPERIENCED the power…

This person has tried dieting, has had success with exercise, but everyday conversation is saturated with talk about WEIGHT, what food to eat, what food not to eat, how much food to eat, how many hours of exercise to do. Even more disturbing is constant negative affirmations such as “I know that I put on weight easily”, “I find it SO difficult to get motivated to exercise”, and of course all the time “Lose Weight” “NEED to LOSE weight”, for heavens sake, you look for things that you lose, “release” the weight, “discard” the weight, “destroy” the weight, ANYTHING except “LOSE” please…

You ask this person “so DO you believe that mental programming plays a part in the battle with excess weight?” “Oh yes definitely, but the problem is I can’t find TIME to do the mental part of the process”

Two hours a day spent exercising the body… No time to exercise the MIND? MMmmmmm

I point no fingers, because I am doing the exact same thing, jump out of bed in the morning, get “busy” with work, get “busy” with a relationship, (when applicable :-(), get “busy” with all the “things” we “need” to do… damn I think I’ll be wearing out the ” ‘ key soon… but there is precious little time or effort (if any) taken to DO the REALLY important things, and yet, I KNOW that when I meditate, WHEN I visualize, WHEN I take the time to PRACTICE gratitude; life flows SO beautifully.

So, MY “issue” is not weight/fitness/health, it is financial abundance, I always survive, I always make a plan, but I don’t thrive, and just like someone who believes that 2 hours of physical exercise is more beneficial than 30mins of mental exercise, I show by my actions that the PHYSICAL effort involved in making a living is more important than the mental effort involved in thriving.

“Actions speak louder than words” and that old reptile brain notices our ACTIONS, not out words.

What is the answer then? Well it’s obvious, just like a brand of sportswear would have us believe… “just do it”!! And so we (I) start off all fired up and after a few days it starts petering out again, and that is an especially ironic admission coming from the owner of this blog.

It takes willpower, it takes consistency, it takes effort, at least until it becomes a habit…

Similar to physical training, a training partner helps, but then each of the two need to acknowledge how important this really is, and in the absence of someone like that being available consistently, it’s up to me! If I love myself, if I acknowledge that this process is important, then it must be more important to me than anything or anyone else I must put my mental training FIRST.

Anyone out there willing to kick my ass?

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner



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