19 October 2014 Ramblings of the Slightly Insane but “Born Again”

Strange Creatures us Human Beings are… hey that sounds like Yoda said it 🙂171020141998

Of all the inhabitants of the planet, we are the only ones that create discomfort and challenge in our quest for happiness! I think of the pet cats I had in a previous life and their entire existence consisted of lying in a warm cosy spot, getting up to eat and returning to their warm cosy spot. Sure they had a price to pay; every now and then they would make the effort to give some affection, and of course, they had to endure my occasional teasing, but they lived a largely effortless life. A wild cat of course has it slightly tougher, they have to hunt for food to live, but again, they only make the necessary effort.

We, the higher form of intelligence on the planet, choose to engage in a life of constant challenge and effort. We have decided that our naked form is something of which to be ashamed, so we clothe ourselves, sometimes this is for protection from the elements, but generally it is for our own personal reasons, then it’s not just good enough to cover the “offensive bits”, oh no! We must have many, many items of each clothing type, and then the “fashion” changes and perfectly serviceable clothes get thrown away to be replaced by new…

And then we decide we need shelter to survive, and I guess there are just so many caves, so we chose to construct shelters from what is available in our native area. But that isn’t good enough; we want comfort, privacy and ease, so we work harder to build/buy/afford bigger structures. That, at least, is still logical, but now aesthetics come into the picture, MY structure must be “prettier”, “bigger” and “more expensive” than the structure of my neighbour.

Another basic human need is Love, sex and procreation, and we all want a mate, but then we (and I generalise using MEN here) are more attracted to those who are considered physically attractive, and that in itself is a function of society, culture, economics and fashion.

Even in leisure, we as “sane” humans indulge in artificially challenging activities, I love “killing time” playing “solitaire” on my phone, hell the objective is to form neat piles of cards ranked in their order, easy, throw them out, start with “King” and work down to “ace”, but noooo, we gotta put in all these strict rules to make it a complicated challenge!

And thus we chose to live our lives, and while I acknowledge with a measure of pride that I am not “normal”, I too buy into most, if not all, of these idiosyncrasies. I was raised in an unusually strict fundamentalist religion and their basic doctrine revolved around denying many of our base human urges in exchange for the promised “reward” of life eternal in perfection on a perfect planet Earth, and even then, I wondered just how long I could endure the monotony of eternal perfection. No, our lives, our worth and our growth are defined by overcoming challenges, Mount Everest sits there innocently passive, but we decide we need to sit on top of her, even if it kills us in the process!

And so the only rational conclusion that can be drawn from this is that BALANCE is the key, and each and every one of us will find that knife-edge of balance at a different point along the scale.

Freedom vs Responsibility

Excitement vs Stability

Effort vs Reward

And that balance point is a function of intimately knowing ourselves and the needs, desires and compromises each of us needs to make along the way.

Obviously these ramblings have been inspired by events in my own life…

My last entry had to do with my decision to improve on my “station in life”, to get back closer to that person who took pride in himself, who lived a life of prosperity and success, and to forgive myself for the unloving acts I committed to myself. And a period of intense introspection and soul-searching ensued. And the following is part of what I have learned…

  1. Spirituality and the Law of Attraction, there seems to be a common misconception confusing the two, while “spiritual” practices are an intrinsic part of applying the principles of the Law of Attraction, not all spiritual people are masters of applying the law, practices such as Meditation are a powerful force for improving one’s life, but only manifest material results if combined with other practices such as visualizing your desired life while in that meditative state. Many people consider “spirituality” as a means of denying materialism, being content with less rather than creating more.
  2. Balance, Balance, Balance, I want a mate, in fact I still have my intention set on a PARTICULAR person, and the realization is there that at the very least I need to “provide” stability, but I, also want to feel proud of myself, to feel “worthy” (yes yes, I know… but that’s another issue altogether which I might or might not get to later), so while a part of me wants to feel FREE, another wants to be stable and “responsible”.
  3. I desire nice things, I REALLY do, but I also acknowledge that they in themselves will not make me happy, and then I have these odd tastes and circumstances, a “normal” person wants a new car, they go to the dealership and sign the HP documents and drive off a few days later in this brand new, shiny machine which “beeps” and “boops” and “talks”, and furthermore needs no attention, Kim on the other hand wants a 30+ year old that is either been babied its whole life or needs to be completely resurrected… SIGH, and the same with most things… “over the counter” just doesn’t do it for me, talk about creating challenges! Is it no wonder my relationships turn out to be so “complicated”? (mmmm yet more introspection needed there I guess)
  4. Acknowledging that I am imperfect, embracing my imperfections as normal and beautiful and forgiving myself are important to success. I read that the Chinese liken these to the veins in marble, the foam on the sea and the pattern of grain in wood, beautiful BECAUSE of its imperfections. Wanting ourselves to be perfect would be like complaining that the pattern of grain in a piece of timber is not straight!
  5. That we need financial stability before we can achieve financial abundance! It is difficult, if not completely impossible to manifest financial abundance while we are stuck in the “survival crisis” state, how can we visualize and believe wealth while one is anxious about paying this month’s rent? Mmm
  6. We all use affirmations each and every day, whether we know it or not, they are disguised as that “self-talk” we all experience, and it is so often “negative” in nature, the “affirmations” we talk about as one of the processes of applying the LoA are CONSIOUSLY chosen self-talk to “replace” the random self-talk which is at best not necessarily in direct support of ones goals and desires, and at worst negative in nature… the principle remains the same, our conscious minds can only hold on to ONE thought at a time, ensuring that that thought is positive in nature leaves no “space” for negative thoughts, our predominant thoughts create our feelings, our thoughts and feelings filter down to become our subconscious conditioning, our subconscious conditioning becomes the “filter” through which we perceive our reality, how we perceive our reality becomes our reality!
  7. 30 Consecutive days… In order to change our lives around, we need to apply the principles and actions of the Law of Attraction for THIRTY CONSEQUITIVE DAYS! And THERE my friends lies the key, the reason I, and most of us get stuck where we are, I have never consistently applied the actions for 30 days straight, this involves discipline and effort, which obviously requires faith! They say it takes at least 30 days to form a habit, so I am guessing that this all has to do with making the actions of applying Meditation, Affirmations, Visualization and Mindfulness ones habitual way of life.

Conclusions and Action

The first and biggest step I have taken was a big step for me, it was acknowledging that I have tried the hippie lifestyle for 13 years now, and I have decided that as much as I didn’t want to be 100% yuppie, I definitely don’t want to be 100% hippie either, while I stick to my principles that I will live my life in such a way that if EVERYONE lived their life the way I do, no damage would be caused to our planet, I am also not responsible for making up for my 10 neighbours excesses either, I will begin again to dress presentably, to keep myself well groomed, I will take care of my appearance and I will ensure that I have the necessary financial means to accomplish this… believe me, this is a BIG step for ME!

I have also made it my intention and started taking steps towards ensuring STABILITY in my financial situation, I am now actively searching for and creating by the Law of Attraction part time employment with a salary enough to cover my basic financial obligations (rent, food, communications and fuel), and hours flexible/short enough that I still have time to pursue other business interests and leisure pursuits. This will free my mind to create abundance without having to be anxious about the basic necessities of life.

I have, and will continue to embrace my imperfections and forgive myself for my failings; my “imperfections” are my perfection, anyone who doesn’t like/love me because of them can kindly make a sexual departure! 😉

I have started a “30 day challenge” I have used my built in cupboards as a whiteboard and set out the 30 days starting on the 17th October till the 16th November with check boxes for each process each day and a column for “results”. Here lies the real challenge, come rain or shine, good days or bad, busy or quiet, lovers, friends, holidays, weddings, parties, sicknesses, travel or illness EVERY day. The question I have to ask myself (and anyone else) is this, “How much do I want the life I desire?”. Remember it is my subconscious, and therefor MYSELF that I am changing, and the moment ANYONE or ANYTHING is allowed to disrupt this process, I am telling myself (and thereby the Universe) that this “thing” is more important than what I profess to want.191020142009

I commit to updating this blog regularly, even if just with a short message, each and every day with the actions and results, and ONE day missed, starts the whole 30 days off again!

And there you have it folks, while Candy is still sans a “Jesus Fish”, I am born Again


3rd day of my Life

All My Love


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