20 October 2014: Day 4 of 30 Day Callenge

Right from the beginning I stated that this blog was about honestly chronicling my journey with the LoA. I wished my failures to be as much a lesson (if not more) than my successes. And I have largely stuck by that.

So today was day 4 of the 30day challenge I invented, maybe I should give some more details of what steps were taken from day 1.

The day before had been a total meltdown, my “last hope” outstanding quote had given me the impression that they were no longer going to be accepting the quote. Behind in basically all my commitments I saw nothing but failure. The irony is that for days, even weeks, leading up to this point I was acutely aware of the fact that I was not doing what I knew would turn things around, but the “effort” just seemed too much. So Thursday while on a call with a wonderful lady not at all unknown to the readers of this blog I had my melt-down, literally in tears of desperation.

And the lady in question without being asked made a plan to send me an amount of money, I objected of course, but it was too late, and at her urging I went into town and took care of the necessities. Her advice was “to have my day of moping and to get over it starting fresh tomorrow” The student had become the master!

Day 1 Friday 20 October 2014

I awoke for the first time in many days without a splitting headache, the painkillers I could afford had worked, and I got down to what needed to be done.

Firstly I defined the challenge, quantifying the amounts of money needed to cover the outstanding expenses and commitments. After I had arrived at a total figure taking me till the end of November, I then did the same with the “outstanding possibilities”, those jobs that clients are planning, but not yet committing to”

And the first encouragement was that the “outstanding possibilities” exceeded the “challenge” by a good R 10,000.00, ok so that made me feel better

Then I made up an excel spreadsheet, breaking down what was needed when, and arrived at three figures on three dates.

Step two was making use of a powerful provision available on The Secret’s Website, the “Magic Cheque” and the “Secret Cheque”, these are blank cheques to be used as a visualization and manifestation aid, you fill them in with the amount and date desired and then along with the other processes, you look at the cheque and believe and live that money being manifest…

So I printed out three of these cheques and filled them in, the first one being dated 24 October 2014

Step Three was letting go, releasing the anxiety and doubt, and here meditation was my chosen route (is there any other besides prayer?) followed by a loooong list of gratitude

Step four was to just go on with the day, released of worry, knowing that all that could be done, was now done…

Later that afternoon I checked my email, and lo and behold there was a reply to my quote from the client I had believed had not accepted the quote and he had chosen what he wanted done initially and would be transferring an initial payment on…


The 24th of October!

And of course the amount corresponded to the cheque, what else was to be expected?

Day 2 Saturday 18 October

I started the day with meditation and gratitude, and then set up a playlist of audio teachings I had meant to get around to listening for so long and started an intensive spring-clean of my kitchen appliances, after all, all this abundant food and drink will need to be stored and prepared in an appropriately sparkling kitchen!

Day 3 Sunday 19 October

Same start, meditation, gratitude and listening to more teachings, then came yesterday’s blog entry, after which I worked on a long procrastinated project. The late afternoon and evening were spent relaxing with my housemate watching funny movies, laughter is SO therapeutic. Late evening I decided that “Affirmations” had been neglected, so I prepared 10 business card sized cards each with an affirmation on one side and the explanation on the other.

Day 4 Monday 20 October

A weekday brought additional challenges, early morning calls which could easily have thrown me off track, but I had already completed my gratitude list before the first call, so after I was finished with my calls, I did my meditation, then was inspired to record the affirmations I had chosen the day before into an audio recording, each affirmation separated by a Tibetan chime ringing, then set that recording on my mobile phone as my alarm tone… now I know that the first thing I will hear in the morning are my 10 affirmations… stroke of genius that !

I consciously chose not to follow up on any business until I was fully in a good vibration, the first call was a little disappointing, not a “no” just a few days delay, and I was hoping that would be what would see me through the next few days, but “the how is the domain of The Universe” after all, so I didn’t allow that to negatively affect my vibrational state, the next call yielded a smallish job, but making enough money immediately to see me through 2-3 days… AWESOME Thank You, Thank You Thank You.

Then a meeting with another good friend and long-time customer to finalise some extensive furniture manufacturing work tomorrow. AWESOME Thank You, Thank You Thank You.

Then a WhatsApp text message from a good friend from the Kalahari saying someone had made an offer on “Angie” the Anglia. AWESOME Thank You, Thank You Thank You.

And then, this evening a text message from the owner of the Coffee Shop I did so much work for in May and June, with some smallish jobs, but again immediate cash flow. AWESOME Thank You, Thank You Thank You.

Coincidence? What do YOU think?

4th day of my Life

All My Love


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