26 October 2014 Days 8, 9 & 10 of 30

I did commit to updating my progress regularly, and I have skipped 2 days, Friday I battled with connectivity, it was “payday for most and I am guessing that the network was a tad overloaded? But anyway, better late than never”, so let me fill in on the last three days and then I have some thing to talk about…

24 October Day 8 of 30

This day did not start optimally, I overslept, woke in a “panic” state, the coffee tables needed a final coat of varnish to achieve the desired level of gloss, and I wanted/needed to deliver them in order to bring in the payment before the weekend, so I delayed beginning the powerful processes while I sprayed that coat.

I did then complete all the processes, although I must admit the best I could achieve with the Visualization stage were “flashes” of images instead of the usual “video clips”…

I “dawdled” while waiting for the varnish to harden, then loaded all 8 tables and started driving but before I had proceeded very far, a double blow struck, the legs of one of the 8 “scissored” and collapsed, taking with it the table loaded above, and as I climbed out I noticed a puddle of liquid below the lovely Candy…

An investigation of the mysterious puddle turned out to be a detached fuel-return pipe, so if I had not been forced to stop, I would have been stranded without fuel before making it into town…

And then an investigation of the cause of the table’s collapse revealed that I had overlooked fastening 4 crucial screws, so what to do now?

I must admit that despair was not far off at that point, neither were tears for that matter! However I am proud to admit that calmer thoughts prevailed, I decided that since 7 were still fit for delivery, I would proceed. So after re-packing the remaining 7, I made my way SLOOOOWLY into town. And I am happy to report that I was still paid most of the outstanding sum, only having a small amount withheld, so my weekend arrangements could still be saved.

After spending some time with my brother, I visited a client to make final arrangements for this week’s work, and then off to the barber for my first haircut in 6months! WoW it felt good to look neat and presentable again. The rest of the day proceeded very well.

But the question remained, WHY the early “catastrophes”?

I still can’t say for sure

  • It could be because I didn’t start my day off right
  • All the members of a “whatsapp” support group I belong to also reported a day that ranged from “irritating” to “disastrous” so maybe it was just a day filled with “bad” energy. (we even theorised that since it was “payday” for most, and that that day has so many negative feelings regarding money and the “shortage” thereof that the Universal Consciousness might have been predominantly negative?)
  • It could be that doing the processes after spray painting had me “high” on the fumes which could’ve interfered negatively with my frequency
  • Or it could just have been chance and unforeseen circumstances, a “test” to see if my resolve would stand up to the test of pressure

Whichever it might have been, I was able to come out of that day “on top”, oh yes, and another potential client made contact

26 October Day 9 of 30

Woke up to the text notification of my deposit for this weeks work coming through.

Started the day properly with all processes accomplished properly and completely.

I called my Wonderful Cousin Eddy Hemple later in the afternoon just because I miss him and then during the course of the conversation I remembered that he is in the labour-recruitment business and it struck me that he could possibly assist with my intention to find suitable part-time employment, and when I mentioned my plan to him, with the enthusiasm and helpfulness so characteristic of him, he offered to help secure suitable employment. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Eddy!

The late afternoon and night was spent at the bachelor party for my cousins daughters future husband, a pleasant if not as exciting as expected evening!

27 October (today) Day 10 of 30

Well, last night’s excesses didn’t help, and I woke to a phone call, and since I was keeping a dear friend “virtual company” on her journey home, the call kept getting interrupted by areas with no cellphone reception and other interruptions, I felt I couldn’t start with my processes until she was home, and then I just lost momentum, and I was feeling groggy and grey…

It became a real challenge, and while I did TRY, I just couldn’t get to the meditative state…

Eventually I was feeling VERY miserable and ratty, SCARED that I was failing the challenge, it was actually after 20h00 before I even started with my gratitude…

But by the time I got to meditation and visualization I chose three guided meditations, the first being “mindfulness of feelings” wherein one is instructed to identify, describe and then “make friends” with whatever predominant feeling you are experiencing. This enabled me to make peace with feelings of anger I was experiencing because of an earlier incident…

And right now, I am feeling great!


I was upset earlier today, and I’m still not entirely sure if my anger/disappointment/despair was warranted or not, but here is what it was all about…

I have made tremendous progress in all areas of my life during these first 10 days of this 30 day challenge, and I am constantly mindful of the fact that persistence and consistency in good habits are not my strongest character trait, the nearly 11 months chronicled in this blog exhibit repeated false starts and lapses, I am afraid of failing, I so intensely desire to see this through.

One of the mechanisms I set up was a support group of friends, all of who CLAIM to want to do the same, some of whom have even COMMITTED to seeing this through with me.

And there are two powerful ways in which we can assist each other;

One is by giving a gentle push and encouragement when you see another tiring along the road…

The other is by traveling the journey with you…

I needed the gentle push and encouragement this evening, and even more so, some words of encouragement, and when I looked for it from the member of the group who has the most vested interest in my progress… well there appeared to be much more important/pressing issues, and turning to the group, well gossip and banter seemed more important there…

As for traveling the journey with me… SIGH!!!

Look it’s like this, either you believe that these processes work, or you don’t. There are no “maybes”. If you don’t believe they help, then that is your reality and there is no point in “wasting time” going through the motions. If you do, then the very act of NOT acting is a powerful act of “NON-CREATING”.

But this day I say Kim Warner is doing this for Kim Warner, and while I would love the company of others along my journey I refuse to have anyone pulling me in the opposite direction, Ted Turner’s words come to mind “lead, follow, or get out of my way”, I would amend that to “lead, follow, accompany, or get out of my way”.

There are goals ahead and a process to see through along the way to each milepost and I give notice that my eyes are wide open and decisions are being made, “actions speak louder than words” is the old saying and if anyone’s actions (or lack of) contradict what they are claiming to want…

10th day of my Life

All My Love]


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