26 November 2014 Day whatever of Awesome!

OK! So much for my promise of keeping the progress updated! I do apologise, but MAN, it’s been an awesome ride, and it grew to fill my entire life, there literally was no time left to post here!
I thought I’d just post quickly to say that…
1. The 30 day challenge was awesome, I met my goal of CONSISTENT, CONSECUTIVE daily practice of all four of my chosen processes, Gratitude, Visualization, Meditation and Affirmations, I will update as soon as I can on the highlights, including the most awesome project ever which ended up as the center of an atrium of the Largest Shopping Mall in the Southern Hemisphere!
2. That major progress was made in my improved appearance and self care
3. And that a huge decision needs to be made
But I also responded to a close friends request last night to explain better the 4 processes and having done the work, decided to post here!
Gratitude, Affirmations, Meditation and Visualization
The four cornerstones of the LoA, why and how?
Ok so basically put all matter… the entire Universe for that matter is Energy, (there are countless scientific studies that prove this, but for fear of losing momentum, that can be researched independently) and if all matter is energy, it therefore follows that WE are Energy and more importantly, our thoughts are PURE energy.
So, can our thoughts therefore influence our reality? YES!
How do we do this?
The Science of Quantum Physics basically states that all possibilities exist simultaneously and it is OUR interaction with these possibilities that we perceive as “reality”, more simply put, reality is what we believe it to be, the entire Universe exists within each of our brains. Remember the movie “The Matrix”? Yeah, like THAT!
So our perception of life becomes our reality. “Thoughts become things”. Before we can make changes to our circumstances, we need to change our BELIEFS! “Two men sat in a prison cell, the one saw bars, the other, stars”
From the day we were born (maybe even before), our subconscious minds have been soaking up every experience, every word, every FEELING that we have been exposed to, and this creates our “reality”, so the art of changing one’s life around begins within one’s own mind…
The Processes each have their unique function in effecting this change…
The simplest and arguably most effective of all the processes, Rhonda Byrne, the author and producer of the movie and the book “The Secret” wrote a book “The Magic” which has 28 exercises to be completed on consecutive days which make gratitude a daily habit, and I recommend you take the time to read and follow these exercises, but the basic daily exercise is this;
1. Write down a list of 10 things you are grateful for and WHY e.g.: “I am so grateful for my awesome home, because it is comfortable, secure and tranquil” get it?
2. When you are finished read each list item, take a moment and FEEL the gratitude for that thing/person/event and then say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”
Easy! And your focus immediately sifts from that which you do NOT want, to that which you DO want.
Some religions demonise Meditation, and many people associate Meditation with a bunch of monks sitting in a circle going “Ooom”, but Wikipedia defines Meditation as “Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself.”
You see we think about 20,000 thoughts a day and we are not even aware of MOST of them! Meditation trains you to control your thoughts, or at the very least to be AWARE of them, it quiets the mind, you know how sometimes your computer starts getting all sluggish and erratic, and switching it off and on again solves that? Our brains are computers and Meditation is the “re-boot” function.
Achieving the “Meditative State” is also important in “turbo-charging” your visualization, but more of that later.
Meditation is a practice, and it becomes more effective every time you make use of it. There are a multitude of guided meditations available for free on the internet, and many have already been shared on group with you all. Ask and I have many more which I can share with you…
OK, we spoke about the subconscious brain before, how it shapes our perception of reality and how that IS our reality…
The Subconscious is also so primitive that it cannot distinguish between whet is “real” and what is imagined. You know how they say “you need money to make money”? Or how when you single and “desperate” you cant find anyone to date, but as soon as you get involved with someone you have to beat off potential dates with a broom? This is because when we have money, we feel good about money and think and act like someone who has money, and ditto for when one is in a relationship, we ATTRACT more of that to us! This is after all what the whole LoA is about, “like attracting like”
Visualization is a “trick” to convince the subconscious mind that we already have these things/people/events, so that we A.) start acting the part, and B.) attract more of that by the LoA
How do we visualize?
John Kehoe in his book “Mindpower into the 21st century” summarises the process as follows;
1. Decide what you want to do: pass an exam, gain a promotion, meet someone new, make lots of money, be more confident, win a squash game.
2. Relax*. Spend several minutes unwinding so that you are comfortable in body and mind.
3. Spend 5 – 10 minutes visualizing the reality you want
* This is where Meditation comes into play, I set up a playlist on my phone or Computer, first a guided meditation on a suitable focus, then a 10minute binaural beat which maintains the meditative state without distractions, and during this phase I visualize what it is I desire with detail, emotion and conviction, I cannot stress how important the emotion is, FEEL the way you will feel when you have it, feel it NOW!
(a binaural beat is a slightly different frequency played into each ear through headphones and the brain processes the difference as a “beat” which automatically puts one into the “Alpha” brainwave state (meditative state))
And then I listen to my “longlivity shield” guided meditation which includes affirmations and I’m done!
Short, easy to remember, and easy to recite statements that support your goals and desires repeated to yourself silently or aloud.
“every day in every way it’s getting better and better” is a good example.
Here are the “rules” regarding affirmations:
1.) Always in the present tense! “I am getting better” not “I will get better”, if you convince your subconscious that it’s in the future, it will stay in the future
2.) Always in the positive! “I am healthy”, not “I will not get sick” by its very nature, the subconscious cannot process the concept of a negative so “I will not get sick” will be picked up by the subconscious as “I WILL get sick”
3.) Keep them short! An affirmation should be like a mantra, short, simple and easy to repeat!
4.) You DON’T have to believe them; in fact often “FORCING” yourself to believe does more harm than good!
I also use the “binaural beat” phase of my playlist to recite my affirmations to get a shortcut to my subconscious, but they should also be repeated often throughout your day!

And there it is!
Now the question…
“How badly do you want change?”
Is it worth 30mins a day? An hour a day? If you believe that the time this will take is too much, then you are saying that change is not worth the effort, and that is how it will be!
I have personally used these processes to find and secure my dream car, my dream home, to release 31kg’s of excess weight, recently to attract financial abundance.
I watch members of our group reject these beliefs and turn to secular means because they believe that this is the only way to secure prosperity, health, weight release, love… without even giving these processes a chance! But if just ONE can make the effort, if just ONE can turn his or her life around, if just ONE will give these processes priority EVERY DAY FOR 30 DAYS, I will guarantee results and feel like I am not wasting my time and effort.
Go Forth and be Awesome!

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