02 January 2015 A New Beginning

At the beginning of December I had these grand schemes of celebrating the anniversary of this blog, and of keeping a weather eye open on the 3000 hit mark, and I’m afraid, both came and went in the blur of action and emotion that this month was.

Yeah, I’m saddened and ashamed to admit that the entire month flew by without so much as one post. OK, so WordPress kindly did a review of the year, and one interesting fact arose from that, the most “popular” of my posts were also the most negative of my posts… sad how human nature can be. I guess somewhere at the beginning of this blog I had this grand vision that I would start this blog and I could be a positive example to… well, just ONE person would’ve sufficed.

I guess in retrospect it’s understandable, a review of 2014 is more of a study of failure than an example of success.

I imagined a vastly different set of circumstances come new year 2015 than my reality.

Is this then a failure of the Law of Attraction?

No! I attracted to myself exactly what I got…

I did NOT attract what I “wanted” not because the Law is flawed, but because I failed to CONSISTENTLY and EFFECTIVELY apply the principles.

I DID make a concerted effort for 30 days! And the results during that time were outstanding, right down to the most prestigious project I have to date embarked upon, but, as soon as that 30day challenge ended, I was right back to my old ways…

And in the last few days I have discovered the missing ingredient…


The book that started my journey back in 2006, “Mindpower into the 21st Century” should actually have been named “Mind and Heart Power into the 21st Century”, because all of this creating of our own reality is actually a mix of thought and EMOTION, with Emotion being the major ingredient.

And for most, if not all, of 2014, my emotions were in absolute turmoil, tossed about like a skiff in a storm by outside influences. We have discussed at length what I like to call the 4 powerful processes right?





OK, Meditation is about controlling ones thoughts, achieving a place of inner calm and quiet, so lets disregard that process from the emotional standpoint for now, Visualization; whatever I visualized, be it the relationship, the Sierra, the farm home of my own, the teaching career, just intellectually acknowledging it is NOT ENOUGH, one must FEEL it, be EXCITED by it as if it is happening NOW. Gratitude; One must FEEL the FEELINGS of gratitude, not just list the items and Affirmations; well I can say “every day in every way everything gets better and better” all day, every day, but if I do not FEEL that to be true, well Hell, it’s just a waste of time and effort then isn’t it?

I was getting there, during my 30 day challenge, I was starting to FEEL it, but then I became distracted…

Now while January the 1st might just be an arbitrary mark of a new year, it is traditionally a time of new beginning and as good a time as any to make a new start. This is not however a new years resolution, this is just a new Kim Resolution.

From this day forward, my emotions are MY emotions!

I have had time to reflect deeply upon what I want in life and I do believe that I am certain of these things:

1. I wish to live my life in such a way that my habits and lifestyle do not adversely affect anyone else, nor the planet we share.

2. I desire the simple life, close to the earth, natural and pure.

3. I accept money to be what it is, simply an energy that we can use either to enhance our lives or rule our lives.

4. Material possessions are meant to enhance our lives, not to be served by us.

5. I desire Love, but only true, unselfish love.

6. I desire to add value to the lives of others in everything that I do.

And the lesson that 2014 has taught me is that ones principles are sacred and that the moment one compromises upon them, we are effectively lying to ourselves!

15 years ago I led a department of a major media company, wined and dined in the finest restaurants, was married to a beautiful woman, had all the material possessions that a yuppie status deserved, but my soul was empty. Decisions face me. We each have our own paths to follow. We each have our own fears to face. We each come into each others lives for reasons and seasons. I am who I am, a product of my environment, a creature of the lush rolling hills, blue distant mountains and golden beaches of my homeland, take me to the soulless greed of the urban jungle and I will be a product of THAT environment, might as well put a bullet in my head, for this Kim will just as surely be dead! A wolf cannot be farmed like a sheep, but then again while the price that a sheep pays is boredom, so the price that a wolf pays is loneliness.



15kgs of (mainly) belly fat… to be released!

Candy, neglected, battered and bruised… to be returned to perfection

Suzie… to be replaced

Finances… to be stabilised

Me… to be happy


Well if 30 days failed to create a new habit, 90days will! So a 90day challenge begins focused on the above

No promises (Shane Ward), but I will do my best to be more regular here, oh and keep on the lookout, I will be restarting this blog soon…

Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love

Kim Warner

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