Here and There – 27 April 2015

22h00 tonight and I’m on my way to Durban for a contract, estimated completion date 22 May, I imagine this blog will be quiet during the next 4 weeks, I will attempt to make updates, but typing on a smartphone is not all that easy for fat calloused fingers.

I have observed that among those who practice the LoA that we each have areas in which we can improve and areas in which we excel, as discussed before this has much to do with the conditioning of our subconscious minds, basically those areas in which we believe we are strong are the areas in which we are most successful.

It also goes further than that, our conscious thoughts of course have a great influence too.

I have realized too over the last year or so that our values also come into play.

In 2001 I was employed by the Independent Newspapers Corporation and things were not going well, my focus had been taken away from my work by a romantic involvement at the office and I had migrated to a freelance position, money became scarce. I was always fairly capable with my hands and a friend was trying to get rid of a stockpile of pallets from his warehouse…

I started my journey into carpentry by breaking pallets into planks and using the timber to construct dog kennels.

Small successes build confidence, and I am proud of the fact that I was never scared away by the perceived complexity of a project; 14 years later my skills are sought across the country! I say this not by way of boasting, but as an encouragement to all. Choose a path and give it your all, invest your time, effort and resources in your passion and step by step you will grow.

“Kannie bestaan nie” (“Can’t” does not exist)

I am not going to lie and pretend that it has always been easy, but looking back over a decade and a half, it’s the good that I remember, the progress and growth that I can see.

I remember that when I moved to the Kalahari in 2008, I transported all my worldly goods in suitcases on a bus. When I moved to the Eastern Cape in 2011, it took 2 trips with a fully-loaded LDV and trailer, and I owned that LDV and trailer!

There are many whose influence and support along this journey have been instrumental, and for these I extend my gratitude.

Wendy N, it was because of our relationship that my comfort zone at Independent Newspapers came to an end, and while the road we traveled together was a rocky path it also served as a shortcut, and I thank you for always goading me on, the pressure at times was relentless 🙂 but heat and cold temper steel, you made me strong, and I thank you.

Wendy M, you accepted me for who I was at the time, you restored my self-confidence, and the way our time together ended again kicked me out of a comfort zone forcing me again to grow. And to move on. Thank You.

Werner Ziegler, wherever you may be today, we may have fought nose-to-nose many times, but your German perfectionism, and faith in my abilities took my skills to a higher level, the year of work at your home and offices took me off the streets, and I thank you for all of this.

Nisan, 4 years of business partnership, and you goaded me on all that time often to my irritation, but I learned much from you, and you gave me the opportunity to live in the Kalahari where I found myself, I Thank You.

Sas du Plessis, while I may have been sworn to secrecy about some of the assistance you have afforded me, I still must acknowledge that and the fact that you introduced me to Google Sketchup, which has made such an impact to my professional life. Thank You Sas!

Lizette; we “met” on a social media application, and we became close friends ever since, I apologize that I so seldom acknowledge the influence you have had in my life over that time, but you have always been there for me, you are that kind of friend that just makes one feel good about oneself and I value you and appreciate you, Thank You Lizette.

My awesome cuz Jenny, someone once said that you are just “love personified”, and I could not express it better. I know I owe you so much more than just a debt of gratitude, and I promise that your patience will be rewarded 🙂 Thank You Cuz.

Cecilia… what a story hey! I’m sorry about the way it ended, but you too had many a positive influence on my life, ina way even the existence of this blog is thanks to you. You inspired me, you made me realise the importance of stability, you encouraged me to be the best I could be, I learned much from you, I thank You too.

I have often said that we come into each others lives for “reasons and seasons” the reason might not always be apparent at the time, or may even be the exact opposite of what we think it to be, the season might be a day, it might be a lifetime, but experience has also taught me that just because it didn’t last doesn’t make it any less valuable, life is a journey and a journey requires progress.

Sometimes it is the tough mountain passes and potholed stretches and the companions at those points that we speak about the most, but that doesn’t mean that those we travel alongside cruising the wide freeways are any less valuable!

So, a new adventure starts tonight, a new project, and the financial resources to spend on my beloved Candy upon my return, new paint, new tires, new engine, can hardly wait.

Go Forth and be Awesome

All MyLove


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