8 Days in the city – 5 May 2015

Every day I notice and absorb, things that “normal” people take for granted…
Maybe it’s good to take stock every now and then, to do an audit on oneself; “am I still on track”, “am I remaining aware”?

So I listen and I watch and I check my soul’s GPS.

One of the “golden threads” that run through most, if not all, of the teachings is that we “should not chase the money”, this seems counter-intuitive to many, after all, for what other reason DO we work then? And I must admit, I too felt that way until recently…

The Bible likens growing awareness to the dawn, the light becoming progressively brighter until the full light of day makes all things clear.

Maybe this awakening builds momentum, as we grasp and then master a principle, and ACT accordingly, that makes the manifestation of the next principle “easier”…? Makes sense in a way.

I have been contacted to assist a company in Durban with some projects, it’s a change of pace, a change of scenery, a taste of a different type of life, and the money is good, plus I get to spend some time with family who live here.

But at times I have to wait for access to equipment, or just for work space, usually I take a seat outside the roller-shutter door and enjoy a smoke and a cup of coffee, watching the city.

I am no stranger to big cities, 18 years in Cape Town (South Africa’s 2nd largest metropolis), and extended time in Johannesburg,( our largest), but that was before my awakening…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that there is something WRONG with choosing to live in an urban environment, this is just about me, and my coming to terms with what I want and of course, how I am creating the life I choose…

So coming back to my observation of the city from my vantage point, a never-ending stream of vehicles, all busy ferrying their occupants to important places they must get to in order to make a living.

And I think of how many days Candy (my 1983 Ford Cortina LDV) sits inert on the hard stand in front of my home. I make a living, a better living than most of the world does, I work hard, when I need to, I run a business, essentially the exact same business as the one I am helping out now, but the difference is that it runs on MY terms, it serves ME. I get to live in the type of environment that most would pay to vacation in, and I get time to enjoy my home and the serenity to grow…

How many people get to live their lives on their own terms? Don’t most sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of money? And then what do they do with the money they accumulate? They spend it on possessions they don’t have the time to enjoy!

My friend Wendy lives in Cape Town, she called me last night on her way home, stuck in gridlock, power outage, no street lights, no traffic lights, panicked, afraid, frustrated, swearing at other drivers, and she is trying to convince me that I’d be better off living in Cape Town again!

But right now, life is good in Durban, winter is mild this far north on the East Coast, sitting outside on the patio, feeling that feeling of relaxation after a day of effective hard work, having made a difference, earned my keep

Go Forth, and be Awesome
All my Love

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