Awakening – 06 February 2016

“Awakening”, in a spiritual sense, is often thought of as a “once off” event, but yet in the physical realm, we “awaken” each and every morning (bar one of course).

So just maybe, spiritually we also “fall asleep” from time-to-time, only to “wake up” some time later. Not waking up, of course, would be “dying in our sleep”, an event which I believe happens to most (in a spiritual sense) more often than we realize, yes, in this sense we are surrounded by Zombies, the undead, who, like the mythological creatures, try to feed off the living and in so doing make them undead too, but, as usual, I digress.

It was writers such as John Kehoe and Rhonda Byrne who awakened in me the understanding that we have the unlimited power, in our thoughts and emotions, to create ANYTHING and that awakening opened the door… and amazing things happened.

These writers, like most other “popular” teachers make MONEY a large part of their focus, and since that is the predominant preoccupation of most people, that is understandable, after all, we acknowledge that financial prosperity is an element of a happy and successful life.

But very easily we are lured into the thinking that money is the be-all and end-all of everything. We sacrifice most of our lives, often at “jobs” that we do not enjoy in the pursuit of this thing called money. We become infected by a kind of madness that convinces us that the “get born – play – go to school – go to college – get a good job – work 8hrs per day 5 days a week 48 weeks a year for 40 years – retire – wait to die – die” path is THE path. Essentially we waste the best years of our lives chasing bits of paper, trying to put as many of these aside as we can until we eventually die.


Why do we do this? Because our society has accepted this as “normal” and any deviation from “normal” is frowned upon, because we are indoctrinated from young that this is how we should spend our lives, indeed that this is the ONLY way which is acceptable.

The Law of Attraction is impersonal, and it does not judge, what you attract, consciously or not, you will manifest! So, if you apply the LoA to “getting a better job” or “Making more money”, then that is exactly what you will receive.

“Be careful what you ask for, you might just receive it”

The worlds economic system is killing the planet! Many professions and means of building wealth are inherently corrupt, and the 40 hour workweek has been specifically designed to leave us enough time to consume, but not enough time for any sustainable personal growth efforts.

I will attempt to illustrate this by means of a few examples of what I have personally experienced, and observed in others.

Me first…

I have been working and living full-time in the Durban Metropol for the past 7 months, initially there was a period where the momentum of my spiritual practices carried forward, but then fatigue and ridged working hours crept in, the pressure and quantity of work means I generally spend 11 – 12 hours at work each weekday and more often than not, I work at least one day each weekend. While intellectually I accept that practices like meditation, gratitude and visualization cultivate joy and relieve fatigue and depression, the reality is that most often the practices are procrastinated into oblivion.

The result of this decline is a vicious cycle, as I spend less time and effort attracting what I want, I start to lose my joy, as I lose my joy, I (by default) attract more and more of what I do not desire, which leads to an ever deepening depression, in turn accelerating the flow of things I DON’T want into my life.

More insidiously, I find myself turning to “retail therapy” in an attempt to “buy” some joy, rationalizing that “I have worked hard for this money, surely I should enjoy some of it”, then because I have used up some of what I have saved, I decide to “stay a little longer” to earn more to replace what I spent. My original goal of earning enough currancy to sort out my transport situation and set myself up properly keeps getting pushed further and further into the future.

So I successfully attracted the financial stability I asked for into my life, but by not specifying the other desired and necessary conditions of my life, the manifestation of that desire is turning around and consuming itself!

1st Friend;

This person too went through a period of unemployment, after many fitful starts she buckled down and made a daily habit of her spiritual processes and as expected, she was soon employed again, not only was she employed, but she became a top sales-person in a remarkably short time.

However I sat quiet and watched as her spiritual processes were edged out by lack of time, the last I heard, she was doing her gratitude while driving to work.

And now… the company is showing it’s greedy underbelly, sales targets are escalating and commissions are being tampered with to the benefit of the company, and the detriment of the staff.

2nd Friend;

I work with this man here, he is one of my best friends, a man with a quick wit and incredible ethics. He and I allowed ourselves to become sucked into the negativity and sense of defeat that has taken over the company. We had meeting after meeting to try and resolve the issues. Hindsight, however makes it clear to me that we attempted to “solve” these problems from a purely secular perspective, while our thoughts and emotions were stained by the complaining and gossiping we chose to indulge in constantly.

Life, I have learned, is a balancing act, while we indeed DO manifest what we ask for,we need to ask if what we ask for is what we want. The hit movie “The Secret” likens the Law of Attraction to a Genie, explaining how these ancient tales were allegorical to life, and now, as I write this, I recall how the legend portrays the Genie as a mischievous being, and that ever so often, the recipient of the wish did not calculate the impact that the granting of their wish would have on themselves and those around them. So it has become apparent in “real” life too, “be careful WHAT you wish for, you might just get it”

During a phone conversation with friend #2 yesterday morning we discussed this very thing, he mentioned how before joining our company he decided to manifest a certain amount of money as a monthly salary, almost immediately he got the job offer, with that exact amount as a monthly salary. However he failed (as I did) to “colour in” the whole picture, he did not ask for that salary in an environment that would be joyful to work in, nor did he stipulate how much time he was prepared to sacrifice…

This is not NEW knowledge, every one of the teachers tell us to BE SPECIFIC, to make a DETAILED list of what it is that we want.

And human beings, for all of their amazing intelligence can make very poor judgements when it comes to priorities, we are influenced by a corrupt world, the media especially makes superficial things out to be of paramount importance, MONEY, physical beauty, brand name consumer goods, ever changing fashions. Spirituality on the other hand is seen as “less real”, certainly “less important”, and as a result we tend to leave turning to a higher power as a last resort.  Each one of us should make spiritual practices our FIRST priority, all else, will fall into place if this solid foundation is laid and maintained.

MONEY is the new God, the financial institutions are his temples, and the latest trend is the gospel that is preached, and every day we worship, making human sacrifices of ourselves at his feet.

Friend #1 wants to secure her future financial security by buying Bank repossessed homes and to sell them for a profit, she has even expressed an interest in trading shares on the Stock Exchange, and, should she apply herself fully to this task, she WILL make money, but at what expense?

How can one support a system that destroys peoples lives by taking away their homes? Or trades in “stock”, (meaningless pieces of paper whose value is set by the influence of a million parameters) the very basis of the monetary system which inflates and devalues currency at it’s will and whim.

Magical lore teaches that each spell/incarnation must include the phrase “first do no harm” because knowing the power of their beliefs these peoples realized how easy it is to damage others in the pursuit of ones own gains.


Money, has no intrinsic value, money is created out of debt! Don’t take my word for this, do your own research, the truth is that the very monetary system we sacrifice our lives to is based on a foundation of lies.

While I would love to be able to plot out a road-map of how to live entirely without money, the conclusion I have come to is;

  1. To be constantly MINDFUL of the fact that this money thing we strive for is in fact fake.
  2. To, wherever possible, avoid dealing in money by
  • Bartering goods/services for needed goods and services
  • Being self-sufficient as much as possible
  • Repairing, Re-using and recycling as much as possible

Yes, there are instances where (for now) cash is needed, fuel costs money, rent costs money, luxuries cost money, but the principle here is that abundance, true wealth, and happiness are NOT the sole result of money, that working oneself to death to earn money is a particular kind of madness…

But there is a much more important reason as to why I chose to limit my involvement in the monetary system, the reason is simple, profound and sobering…

The (Fake) World Economy is DESTROYING the Planet!

When I first arrived in Durban, my choice was based on a balance of many factors, among which featured;

  • The FUN of working with other people
  • The experience I was gaining in the upmarket sector of our business
  • The chance to earn some currency to use to improve my situation back home
  • The very real desire to help my family out during a challenging period in their business
  • The excitement of new surroundings


Now I find that the balance has swung somewhat, one of my closest friends will take leave of the company tomorrow, my best efforts at helping the company has been scuppered by what I can only conclude to be an ego battle, the company is no longer able to afford me (mainly due to questionable choices and practices). And MOST importantly, I have lost my Joy, and I find myself drained, too tired, too hot, too uncomfortable to make the effort to grow.

“The time has come the Walrus said…”

Go Forth and be AWESOME

All My Love





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