Resurrection 13 March 2016


I actually want to write something really deep and inspiring, but the blank screen taunts me and the meaningful prose escapes me, so I’ll just babble about my state of mind and experiences for a while…

I got home on Saturday the 5th, what a blessed feeling, the noise, that never-ending city noise is so far away, and slowly the sanity and presence of mind returns!IMG_20160307_173006

It was not ALL bad, during my time in the city I made awesome friends, some of whom I consider family now, people I have really come to love! I gained valuable experience in the top end of the market. I learned that some people can be real arseholes, and that others can be real saints. I also used to feel a little “inferior” when it came to my trade, I guess because my  skills evolved over time I had a memory of the earlier work which left much to be desired, fortunately working so closely with others in the industry for an extended amount of time made me realize that my skills have improved to the point where I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.IMG-20151208-WA0007920813_978547202237137_6057013209946942690_o.jpg

Another benefit from my time away was that I was able to bring back the scooter I purchased in Durban, this has twofold benefits, A.) It is a huge saving on fuel (and by extension good for our beleaguered planet) and B.) It allows me the time to give some serious attention to poor neglected Candy. Yes, obviously a 125cc Chinese scooter is not going to be able to carry materials and tools, but most of my trips to and from town are to get groceries and/or to see clients, so there a small vehicle makes a lot of sense, how long it will survive on our road remains to be seen, but so far, so good…IMG-20150912-WA0000.jpg

So work has started on Candy, some time ago, I ended up with contaminated fuel in the tank which was clogging the lines, the only remedy is to remove the tank and send it in for chemical cleaning, the challenge is that the tank is sandwiched between the loadbed and the chassis, so some serious dismantling was needed,IMG_20160313_124416 IMG-20160313-WA0007IMG-20160313-WA0006happily that was accomplished today and my housemate Alan will be taking the tank in to his place of employment (which fortuitously does tank cleaning among other services). Alan also recently purchased a 1992 Ford Sapphire sedan which he will be putting on the track, and very generously he has donated all of the luxury items stripped from his car to me, which includes a set of Black leather Rally-sport seats, electric window mechanisms and a complete air conditioning system!

I was also able to secure a quantity of genuine walnut veneer, so the interior is in for a serious upgrade! 🙂

During December I was able to purchase a wrecked 1978 3.0 Cortina LDV as a donor vehicle, so I have a multitude of spares available, much will be used to restore my faithful Candy to 100% mechanical condition.IMG-20151231-WA0000

As alluded to in my last two posts, my disillusionment with the social/religious/political/monetary systems has deepened, I am understanding clearer and clearer that each person who has had their eyes opened has the responsibility of rejecting the mechanisms that are enslaving us and destroying our planet. To this end, my immediate goals are to gear myself up for as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible…

Initial projects include an aquaponics system, and a greenhouse to supply fresh, organic food, and an outdoor wood-fired kitchen to utilize the abundance of wood scraps that my business generates.

Romantic involvements continue to be challenging, it’s a minefield of lies, deception and damaged goods out there, fortunately female companionship becomes less and less of a need, but that is not to say that a relationship is not desired, at least I am now CLEAR as to what I seek, I have dubbed her my “Hippie Warrior Queen”,279698_10101465066192508_1468091097_o yes, I am not at all interested in a woman who is materialistic, I have no room in my life for someone consumed by financial anxiety, and until I find that person, I am content in my solitude. There is someone who holds promise, but I am waiting to see whether she chooses a life of stress, targets and deadlines, or the path of more natural rhythms.

My health took a toll during my period of wage enslavement, stress, lack of time and unavailability of real food coupled with a total decline in my spirituality had me packing on the pounds, so the intention has been set to release the extra weight and to improve my eating habits and fitness levels.

So, almost a year away from home, like most of life, a time of vast contrasts, there has been material prosperity and spiritual decline, fun and laughter and tears and despair, awesome people and arseholes, but at the end of it, I have grown, and I have a clearer understanding of many things, and more importantly, a strengthened resolve to be all that I can be, to add more value to life than I take from it!


(pic courtesy of Warwick Locke Photography)

Go Forth and be AWESOME

All my Love

Kim Warner



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