The Seven Layer Liquid Crystal Oscillator 15 April 2016

“I want to, but I just don’t have time right now”, why don’t we have time?


Imagine if you can, that you are powerful, not just the “rich and powerful” kind of powerful, not even the president of America Powerful, more like the “just a little less powerful than God” kinda powerful… but you actually are A god (notice the lack of capitalisation?)

You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination, you’ve lived for thousands of years, you rule mankind, but you are of mankind, you are human, you just diabolically evil, they say “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, maybe you started as a benefactor for humanity, maybe you are just evil to the core, but however it started, right now you are evil beyond measure. Human lives are but pawns on your global chessboard, you see yourself as above fellow mankind…

But you are acutely aware that each and every human soul posses the same spark of greatness that birthed your power. Any human can bring you down, destroy you! How do you keep your power?

You convince humanity of two things;

A.) That you don’t exist

B.) That they have no power

When I started this blog 28 months ago I was consumed by my own Ego, I couldn’t see further than the lack in my own life. A woman consumed my emotions, and my application and study of the Law of Attraction centred around making myself “good enough” for her, and my efforts at self-improvement revolved around material increase and material improvement of myself.

But somewhere a seed of truth found a patch of fertile soil and rooted itself and grew.

I like to quote from the Bible, despite my rejection of the notion of “Religion” as embraced by most; I do believe that in the ancient texts, pearls of wisdom survived the sanitization that these sacred scriptures have been subjected to. And a verse which comes to mind is Proverbs 4:18”But the path of the righteous ones is like the bright light that is getting lighter and lighter until the day is firmly established”

The Law of Attraction’s central principle is that “like attracts like” and so the search for truth brought about more truth.

It’s strange to look back on the distance covered in this journey, like travelling a highway at night, one only sees as far as the beam of the headlights reach, it seems as though little progress is being made, but as one drives into the dawn one sees in the rear-view mirror just how far one has travelled.

The other day I received a text from the object of my obsession back then, and the text read:

“F**k that I don’t want to know. U never were or ever will be good enough to be with someone who truly loved u, you self righteous prick. No wonder you remain alone and unloved… Now please f**k off to your little life. I wish I never met u. U don’t deserve love”

Two years ago, that message would’ve crushed me, but on April the 11th all that that message elicited was a good ol’ belly laugh!

I know… I know, I’m all over the place right now, but bear with me; I’ll pull all the threads together.

There is an insanity which infects humanity, we have all been conditioned to believe that this meat-suit we wear is “reality”, we go about our lives consumed by triviality, we worry about President Zuma, about Donald Trump. We wail, and gnash our teeth when our sports team loses, and get drunk on euphoria (and various fermented beverages) when they win. We worry about radical Islam, and obsess over the objects of our bio-chemical addictions. We become SO consumed with the triviality of everyday “life” that we just don’t have the time, or the energy to THINK!

The sender of that strongly worded text was angry because I would not fall for her ploys this time, but yet the irony is that she CHOSE to place the material world above the spiritual, she CHOSE to whore herself out for the illusion of security rather than being true to the words she spoke. I am who I am, I am learning to love this perfectly flawed vessel of my soul. I have learned to rather choose the honesty of solitude above the lies of fake affection. I have chosen the focus of celibacy above the distraction of shallow sex.

While I long for the companionship and love of a kindred spirit, life has taught that those “unevenly yoked” pull less effectively than a solo effort.

The glorification of youth, physical beauty and sex are one of THE most effective tools that distract us from our power. “… and he’s tried to be a nice man, but it’s too much of a bore ‘cause fax machines and cell phones ain’t what he was put here for; and in a world selling sex and youth he’s the last old dinosaur” (Old Hippie – Bellamy Brothers).

Eastern philosophy refers to the “Chakras” of which there are 7 major centres. Modern Medical science deals with nerves, organs and glands.

It is becoming more widely accepted that the “Chakra’s” were an attempt to explain in unsophisticated terms the functioning of the various nerve centres and hormone-producing glands in the body before their function was clearly understood scientifically. The 7 Chakra’s are;

  1. The Crown Chakra, located at the top of the skull, associated with Information, Understanding, Acceptance and Bliss
  2. The 3rd eye chakra, located just in the centre of the forehead, associated with Perception, Intuition and Wisdom
  3. The Throat Chakra, not surprisingly located in the neck, associated with Creativity, Self-expression, Communication and Judgement
  4. The Heart Chakra, again located logically in the centre of the chest, associated with Love, Compassion, Harmony and Peace.
  5. The Solar Chakra, located in the Solar Plexus (the point where the ribs come together), associated with Emotions, Personal Power, Laughter, Joy and Anger
  6. The Sacral Chakra, located just below the navel, is associated with Desire, Pleasure, Sexuality, Procreation and Creativity
  7. The Root Chakra, base f the spine, associated with Earthly, Grounding, Survival

Closer examination will reveal that the top three Chakra’s are associated with the higher functions of conscious thought, and that the bottom three are associated with the emotions. The Centre Chakra, the Heart, is in that neutral zone between the thoughts and the emotions. Yet scientists have measured that the heart produces the strongest electrical and magnetic fields emanating from the body.

I re-watched a video clip today, an interview of Gregg Braden for Louise Hay, and in this clip Gregg explained that manifestation is a result of the marriage of thoughts and emotions, basically the desire is originated within the three top Chakra’s, after all, it is THOUGHT that originates what we want. Then conscious visualization of that desire also takes place within the top 3 Chakra’s. And for novice students, this is where it stays. He goes on to explain that once the desire is FELT by the emotions (the bottom three Chakra’s) then the two streams of energy, the conscious thought, and the emotional FEELING converge on the central Heart Chakra, where the desire is amplified by what scientists refer to as the “Seven Layer Liquid Crystal Oscillator” or THE HEART.

Those who I can converse with about these matters have agreed that so often we can read the same book, or watch the same movie, over and over and each time we will notice something that we missed before, something that resonates with us at that time that didn’t before, and for me this was one of those moments, in excitement I called Warwick up just to discuss this insight and to cement it in my memory. Yes, I have read many times that visualization, and gratitude, must be FELT as well as thought, but still, to understand WHY was such a revelation, it always becomes so much more “real” once we understand WHY, is it not so?

So… I started talking about an Evil Ruler, then I bounced off of an angry ex, and ricocheted off of poor Gregg. “What is your point?” you may well be asking around about now?

My point is this;

We sell the bulk of our lives in exchange for money. We use that money to buy “pleasure”, usually that pleasure involves the mass media, and the mass media instils fear, and sells “things” as the antidote to that which is feared; here are two examples

  1. 1)” a world selling sex and youth”, magazines use image-manipulating tools to enhance the “beauty” of photographic models, removing wrinkles and skin imperfections, lengthening their legs, enhancing their breasts, slimming down the rest until an unattainable physicality is represented, and the message is “if you don’t look like this, then you not good enough, but if you buy this product, then you will look like this and you will be good enough”.
  2. 2)While talking with Warwick this morning, he mentioned sitting in a mall, opposite a “Security Store”, and he quipped about how creatively humans design and produce instruments which inflict pain on other humans. Why do we feel the need to spend our money on items whose sole use is inflicting pain on other humans? Because the news media reports almost exclusively on stories that reinforce the perception that the world is a hostile place filled with people who want to do nothing but harm you, so you better buy things to hurt them before they can hurt you.

And we fall hook-line-and-sinker for this, we work long hours at our place of employment for fear of not being able to earn money, then we sit and eat our genetically modified, hormone enhanced food bathed in the sickly glow of the god that tells us what to buy with the money we sold our lives for.

And yet when you care about someone enough to share how they killing themselves in service of an illusion, they answer “I want to learn/meditate/study/connect, but I just don’t have time right now”.

The assault on human consciousness is SO well organized, SO pervasive that I have no doubt that monstrously efficient intelligences are co-ordinating it, throughout history they have killed the “prophets” and edited their message. They control what we eat, they calcify our intuition, and they keep us in indentured slavery.

I have said before that we stand at a crossroads, the freedom of expression and information made possible by the Internet is a chance for humanity to cast-off the shackles, but while we run on our hamster-wheels these unseen forces are trying to close off this conduit too, while you are distracted by the shenanigans of the Kardashians, the powers are tightening the very noose that we tied for ourselves.


Go forth and be Awesome (because you really are awesome)

All My Love (and not the obsessive psycho kind)


2 thoughts on “The Seven Layer Liquid Crystal Oscillator 15 April 2016

  1. Even through enriching yourself through information education, meditation and the search for truth, every so often the evil forces still find attachment to us and the trivial bile that consumes our live can sometimes still take over for a moment in time. As you said “like attracts like” and sometimes you need that like to remind us what our true purpose and reflections are meant to be.

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