Back To Basics 18 April 2016

I had an Epiphany this morning;


“All that is needed to live the life of our desires is

  • To feel good
  • To know what we want
  • To believe it is yours

But this is SO contrary to what we are conditioned to believe, and therefore SO different to how we really live our lives, that as an AID, we are taught processes to train ourselves back to the simplicity of what is really needed”


I have entitled this entry “Back to Basics” because so much of what I have written about the last couple of entries has been about subjects not directly related to the Law of Attraction, I say “not directly”, because while the shadowy forces that rule our world, or vulgar, shallow consumerism may not have anything to do with manifesting the life that we desire, they are the DISTRACTIONS, they are the source of the conditioning that we have to overcome.


What do you think about most? Yes, I know, it is difficult to keep track of our thoughts, even more difficult to REMEMBER our thoughts, but there are symptoms;

What do you talk about most of the time?

How do you FEEL most of the time?

I know that when I perch on a stool at the Pirates club and listen and engage in conversation with my fellow patrons, we very seldom talk about the things we love, no, we discuss Trip-D’s unreasonable obsession with cold Amstel Lager, we discuss our idiot President and his evil clown opponent, we discuss how dirty King Williams Town is, and how pot-holed the streets have become under the leadership of the Buffalo City Metro Municipality.

My friends Dave and Warwick back in Kwa-Zulu Natal are beacons in my life, Warwick is a fellow student of this Law of Attraction, but we all took great pleasure in discussing the stupid decisions taken at our place of employment, we on more than one occasion admitted to the “pleasure” of having a “good ol’ bitch about things”

Somehow complaining about the things that we DON’T want has become our default mode, if I examine myself, I admit that in the company of “normal” people (and how telling it is that this has become the norm), I feel a little “ashamed” of speaking up, of going against the flow, of being perceived as a “kook”, or a “flake”, and also because it is just so EASY to get involved with the general flow of the conversations.

And if this happens even during conversations with those who I consider more “enlightened” then just how deep does this rot penetrate into us?

And, of course, thinking about things we don’t want also influences how we FEEL, yes, our FEELINGS are the feedback as to what kinds of thoughts we are thinking. Do you feel GOOD? Great, then your thoughts have been predominantly of what you DO want, keep doing that! Do you feel BAD, then, you have been thinking more about what you don’t want, than what you do want!


I have experienced personally how this works, and I have always promised that this blog would be an honest account of my successes AND failures, a “live experiment”…

Oct 2014 represented one of those “rock-bottom” moments in my life, it was the point that birthed my “30day challenge” which has been well documented in the archives of this blog, one of the outcomes manifested by the energy of that 30day challenge was my involvement with Uber Haus, and the financial rewards that accompanied that involvement.

The months that followed were a whirlwind of new and exciting events and possibilities, financial scarcity was a thing of the past, not just through the proceeds of my labours at Uber Haus, but in local business too, you see, I had risen above a “scarcity mentality”.

Early July 2015 saw me taking up an indefinitely long contract with UH, and the resultant “total immersion” in the secular world saw me sacrificing my spirituality, there was just neither time, nor energy available to make any real spiritual effort.

We as humans have an intrinsic need for spirituality, and most satisfy this need through devotion to religious practices. My life experiences have brought me to a place where, while I believe in a divine presence, I cannot find solace in religions prescribed worship of that divinity, so I was left in a temporary vacuum.

It has been said that “nature abhors a vacuum” and I found myself increasingly miserable, while commitment to a contract, and attraction to friends held me there, my heart yearned for the simple beauty of home, and my soul craved nourishment.

George Bernard Shaw wrote “Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life”, and as many do, I resorted more and more to this “anesthesia” to fill that void and bring on blessed oblivion. Now I am not condemning alcohol, nor swearing off its use completely, but alcohol is a depressant, and Alcohol DOES inhibit connection with one’s higher self (why do you thing alcohol is legal while marijuana is not?), and I certainly became more and more depressed. And my conversations? With everyone they became more, and more negative, even my blog entries have been predominantly of a negative nature.

And the result? I found myself “permanently employed” yet struggling financially, yes, the company ran into bad times and was forced to short-pay certain employees! How Ironical was that? I sacrificed my spirituality on the altar of financial security only to have NEITHER!

Now I am a strong proponent of the belief that “there is no bad”, even under the worst of circumstances, we have the choice to take something good out of that situation, and I learned many lessons during this slip, and all ended well, but the illustration serves to illustrate just how certainly “thoughts (and emotions) become things”

We are all on our own journeys, and we all travel at our own pace, and that is another lesson I have learned, I realized this just this morning, remember the friend I spoke of who was so embroiled in her fear that she considered finding financial stability in the financial markets, or by buying bank-repossessed houses? Well just this morning she spoke of her awakening to her true purpose of helping others and using her experiences to teach. And I wish to extend a heartfelt apology to her for my lack of patience, I would mention your name, but you have already thanked me for not doing so.

The Ego is the enemy of our happiness and sometimes even our supposedly selfless attempts at being of service to others has an element of satisfying the Ego, and I was guilty of this.

So a new challenge appears on the horizon, “let go, be happy, speak only of that which I want, think only of that which I want”

Realistically it will be “learn to let go, speak more of what I do want than of what I don’t want, think MORE of what I do want”. Rhonda Byrne speaks in “The Power” of “The Tipping Point”, as students of the Law of Attraction, we know that “like attracts like”, so if we can be happy, grateful and loving 51% of the time, then the majority of what we attract to ourselves will be people, circumstances and events that will make us more happy, grateful and loving, which in turn will give us more reasons to be happy, grateful and loving and that is “The Tipping Point”

Go Forth and be Awesome (at least 51% of the time)

All My Love


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