A Purging – 17 September 2016


I am painfully aware of just how long it’s been, not just since my last post, but since I had any measure of clarity. There has been a lot going on in my head!
One of the benefits of regular meditation is the ability to control one’s thoughts, not only to choose those that serve our higher purpose, but also to be able to effectively reason things out to their conclusion, scattered thoughts generally lead nowhere.

It started with some second-guessing, you see, so many of the more well-known teachers focus so much on using the Law of Attraction for financial gain, the creation of FINANCIAL abundance.On the other hand, I am becoming more and more aware of the destructive influence that our monetary system has, not just on the planet, but also on us humans and on our relationships with other humans.

On the one hand I am more and more being drawn to the philosophy of the Ubuntu Movement which aims to replace the whole monetary/governmental system with true freedom utilizing suppressed technology to the benefit of mankind.

On the other hand I am painfully aware that the chances are that this will not be accomplished in my lifetime, and that in the mean time money is a necessary evil, and that the closest we can come to freedom is to create enough abundance to be free from the restraints that a shortage of money impose.

I am aware that a negative relationship with money repels financial abundance from us, and that harbouring conditioning such as “money is the root of all evil” and “you have to sacrifice your life in order to become rich” or “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to pass into the kingdom of heaven” manifests as a life of financial struggle. So I am internally conflicted by the knowledge that my despising of the monetary system works against my desire for abundance.

In light of all of the above, this post is going to serve more as a purge than anything else, a chance, that by expressing my thoughts, I may come to some inner focus… (damn, why do I sound like Frasier when I read that aloud?)

OK, so no matter how “positively” we view the world situation at the moment, we are surrounded by turmoil, a few examples come to mind;

  • The USA has a choice between two presidential nominees, and it’s become a choice of which one is the lesser evil.
  • South Africa teeters on the balance, the ANC which has been in power since the first “democratic” election in 1994 has become rotten with nepotism and corruption, the nation’s wealth has been diverted to the pockets of certain individuals and the infrastructure and social services of the nation has been allowed to fall into decay. The populace is responding, and the exodus from the ANC is turning right towards the Democratic Alliance, or left towards the Economic Freedom Fighters, the economy see-saw’s according to the way the political winds blow, and plummets every time our president opens his mouth, as a nation we have become increasingly negative, holding our collective breaths as we all experience insecurity over the future.
  • Some analysts say that World War III has already started, with the “War on Terror” including most of the Worlds Military Forces. And the enlightened see how the population has been manipulated by false-flag theatrics and Mass Media Propaganda into accepting the need for military intervention.
  • Inflation has eaten away at our standard of living o the point where a single salary no longer sustains a comfortable way of life, in South Africa at least we have seen how the cost of housing exceeds a basic wage, and people are becoming more and more desperate to make a decent living to the point where the 9-5 workday is a distant and relatively pleasant memory. Those in the “real world” with whom I’m in contact spend much more than half of each day submitting to employment (and the commute to and from their place of employment).
  • Corporations and banks buy the government that rules us and dictate the laws that regulate us. Many cures to dread diseases are made illegal, and there are reports of natural health workers disappearing, and being killed on an increasing basis.

And all of this serves to be rather depressing, we feel like we cannot fight against the forces that enslave us, and until such time as mankind does wake up, we are outnumbered and outgunned by our masters.

And this is the place I found myself in…

First I tried to be a crusader, sharing this with all I could, trying to do my bit to make a difference, but, there aren’t that many who read this blog, and of those, many read because they my friends, and family, and they quietly smile and remark kindly about their crazy hippie friend/family kook. Sharing on Social Media is usually responded to with derision, and honestly I’ve recently realized how little of what we read there can be verified.

Then I got ANGRY, angry at those who just don’t see, angry at the ugly fathead pasted over the ANC vehicles, angry at the shops and suppliers whose corporate greed flies in the face of their lying advertising, angry at the bad drivers, angry at those who litter and destroy our environment. But then I was just “that crazy whitey who shouts at us for driving inconsiderately or throwing the trash out of our cars”. And I just started feeling bad, because anger is not a good emotion to be feeling constantly.

Then I tried to convince at least those (in succession) who claimed to love me, but some of them were just enjoying an elaborate fantasy, others just paying lip-service to what I preach, too consumed by their own fears to hear…

So I spent a lot of time digging down to the basics and I came to a few conclusions

I have to learn to minimize the effect that social conditions have on ME. I may not like what is happening, I may not agree with the way things are being done, but by becoming consumed by anger, rage and hatred of those committing these wrongs, I hurt only myself, and attract to myself more of what I DO NOT WANT.

I have to return to creating the life that I want, and while I strive to insulate (not isolate) myself from these outside influences, I acknowledge that (for the foreseeable future) financial abundance is a tool to be used in the creation of this goal. I therefore choose to see money as energy, to be used in many ways. I also acknowledge that ABUNDANCE is our birthright, and by focusing on abundance I can attract to myself an abundance of ALL things, not only money!

Whilst on the subject of Money, I also realize that the belief that submitting to employment is the only way to create money is a myth, a conditioning that most of us have been subjected to. More importantly it is a baited trap, and even the bait is an illusion… allow me to share an example;

Imagine a person, let’s call him/her “Jim”

Jim works from 8 – 5, but Jim must travel to and from work so Jim leaves home at 06h30, and then hangs around till (on average) 18h30 to avoid the rush-hour home, so Jim spends 12 hours of each day submitting to employment and spends money earned from that employment travelling to and from work. Jim is expected to spend time outside of working hours preparing for work, this is an undetermined amount of time, so we cannot quantify exactly how much time Jim actually spends “working”, but it would be fair to say that at least half of each day is spent serving Jim’s employer.

Jim has expressed a desire to escape the rat-race because Jim realizes that there are not that many quality years of life left, and vocalizes that “there must be more to life than this”. Jim decided that an escape from this existence would be to invest in a property, for which Jim needs 3months of Salary Slips to submit to the bank in order to qualify for a loan. Jim has been attempting to do this for months now, but things keep getting in the way, the last job didn’t even make that milepost. Fear plays a major role in Jim’s choices, and the fear of being without money is a big fear, so Jim takes on part-time work most weekends. Now Jim works almost EVERY day!

Jim is given an opportunity to become involved in something that can offer a passive income, there are, of course, no guarantees, but the potential is there, and Jim has the qualifications to make this work. But Jim has very little time to pursue this opportunity, and the little time that is available is consumed by other distractions and a chronic lack of privacy. Jim’s business partners are starting to question whether Jim is serious about the opportunity.

Jim is consumed by work and money, Jims conversations are about work and money; it has become difficult to have a conversation with Jim, because all Jim talks about is Jim’s work, and questioning the other person about work and money. Jim’s partner tries to redirect the conversation to other things, like love and passion and movies and books… but SIGH!

Jim wants to be free, but Jim believes that the only escape from the hamster-wheel is to run faster. The sad part is that this rubs off on those around Jim; they start to feel angst when Jim talks, it is so sad to watch Jim trying to head-butt the wall down when the door is wide open. But it’s difficult to see the open door with blood in your eyes.

Jim is not alone; in fact most of the world is made up of people like Jim. “Everyone wants change, but so few are prepared to change!”

It’s pretty simple really, we each have two choices;

Security or Freedom…

Security is a paycheck at the end of every month, 40 years of submission to employment to accrue a pension fund and an undetermined number of years to make the most of what is left of one’s life and health.


Those days have passed… allow me to rephrase;

The illusion of security is a paycheck at the end of every month as long as your post is not made redundant/the economy doesn’t collapse and you are retrenched/you make your target often enough, 40 years of submission to employment to accrue a pension fund and an undetermined number of years to make the most of what is left of one’s life and health whilst trying to survive on 40% of what one battled to survive on before.

Freedom is creating your own destiny. Choosing to see society for what it really is and simplifying one’s life of the distractions and unnecessary expenses dictated by fashion and planned obsolescence. Freedom is self-sustainability and independence to the extent possible.

So; It’s pretty simple really, we each have two choices;

THE ILLUSION OF security or freedom…

How many “Jim’s” will see through this? How many will understand that sacrificing the now for an illusion is delusion? How many will see that opportunity needs to be grasped with both hands, not buried in enriching an employer? How many will figure out that sacrificing one’s health so that one can afford health insurance is madness. How many will figure that love cannot survive if it is watered with industrial waste. How many will figure out that creating the life of one’s desires requires one to make that process a priority?

I fell into that trap, I believed that submitting to employment would be a stepping-stone to what I desired. For 9 months, I poured my heart, soul and every quality hour of my life into that pursuit to the exclusion of all else, including my valuable spirituality.

I had goals for the fruits of that labour

  1. The purchase of a small-economical vehicle
  2. To save up a nest-egg for the quiet months
  3. To contribute to the success of a family-members business

And during all that time I was not able to find a suitable vehicle in a big city, whatever I had saved was used during the time it took to re-establish a flow of income upon my return home. I was never utilized effectively, so the best I was able to do was to help that business survive for the months that I was there.

Ironically, I was able to secure that perfect vehicle when I was back home, with money I was able to earn here. Do you see how sacrificing one’s soul is pure delusion?


I’m past the point of believing that someone is going to read this and be inspired, although I do expect to be taken to task on some things said. These days I write to purge, to clear my own mind, and even a potential audience is better than writing for no one else.

The Old Ford Club of SA is growing well, the members are a special breed of people passionate about Old Fords, and with the support of my partners I look forward to a special place for special people to gather, and I believe that a passive income commensurate to the amount of Love, Effort and Creation we pour in, will flow back out of this project.


I will…


Go Forth and be Awesome

All My Love


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