What do I need to Want? – 11 December 2017

First there was nothing to say

Then there was too much to say

Then it had been so long that I felt I’d need to explain, and all the things that needed to be explained just overwhelmed me.

Then I just procrastinated, because I am very, VERY good at doing that.

Now I don’t really care what all of you think of my absence, I just feel like saying something again


The hit movie “The Secret” made a point of comparing the Law of Attraction to Aladdin’s Genie, but I believe there is more in common with the Genie myth than was probably intended to compare. The mythological Genie is often cast as a mischievous creature, and that wishes needed to be carefully considered since there were always unforeseen consequences.

I have found this to be true in my experience of dealing with this phenomenon.

How many of you have read Douglas Adams’ brilliant “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” trilogy? A highly advanced race of super-beings got so fed up with the continuous bickering about the meaning of life that they built a supercomputer “Deep Thought” and asked it “what is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything”, Deep Thought ran the program for millions of years and came up with the answer “42”!
When Deep Thought’s creators wanted to know “why 42”, Deep Thought simply said they needed to know the correct QUESTION to ask.

The “Law of Attraction” works! It works every time, with everyone, there is no question about that, but the sobering truth is that most of us are emotional infants, we have never learned to think, and as a result we strive after what we are CONDITIONED  into believing is important rather than reaching for what we want, or simply need.

Are we simply to survive, or should we thrive? Survival alone would be a rather joyless life, and, we would stagnate intellectually if we were to devote all of our waking hours solely to the pursuit of sustaining our base physical needs. So therefor it is good to strive for more than just the bare necessities. But here is where we get derailed…

We could survive in a cave, or a grass hut. But we want security so we created doors and windows that close and lock. We don’t want to have to spend all of our time rebuilding our shelter so we build it from durable materials that withstand the elements. We need to moderate the extremes of temperature, so we engineer our shelter in such a way that it remains cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. We wish to relax and be entertained so we create communal areas. We don’t want to have to forage daily for food so we incorporate storage for foodstuffs. We wish for privacy so we divide our dwellings into rooms. In order to preserve food, prepare food, warm/cool our space and to be entertained we need power, so power is supplied to our dwellings. We need proper sanitation for good health, so we pipe fresh water into our shelters and pipe waste water away. We are social animals so we have developed electronic communications and therefor communication devices also become part of our shelters.

Civilization has us organized into specialized geography, we live in one place, but we travel to shop for food, to labour for the means of obtaining the food, for education, for social congress; so we own our own transport devices and these must also be housed and cared for.

Compared to our forefathers of only a few decades ago, we live the lives of demigods, Kings of old would have been envious of the luxury available to a labourer today, we should be the happiest generation ever to exist on this planet.

But it’s not good enough to have a house, we always strive for a bigger house, or a better house, or a house in a better geography, it’s not good enough to have a car, we must have a bigger/faster/more expensive car, and more than one car too! It’s not good enough to have a loving mate, we must have a mate who is richer/more visually appealing/more sexually endowed. It’s not good enough to have a child, or two children we must have either a multitude of children (undeveloped peoples) or genetically engineered children (developed peoples).

And we created advertising, finance and the media which have become the tools of greedy overlords who manipulate us into demanding more and more while they ration out consumer goods designed to last just long enough to keep us hooked until the next model. They have even managed to prescribe a standard of physical beauty unable to attain so that they can peddle the snake oil which promises to be the elixir of eternal youth and beauty

And so we keep striving chasing a carrot on a stick, exhausting ourselves, consuming at an ever accelerating pace, depleting natural resources, poisoning our planet, living in debt, killing ourselves.

And we philosophize and write books on how using the Law of Attraction can attract more, when we don’t need MORE!

Instead of just stopping…


About what we really need to want.

I like that, “need to want”


WHAT do I need to want?


The 28th of January this year of 2017 things changed drastically for me and I had to cut a lot of the fat off of things both literally and figuratively and the lesson that I have been learning ever since is that less can indeed be more, I will elaborate more on that in entries to follow


Go Forth and be Awesome



One thought on “What do I need to Want? – 11 December 2017

  1. Wow !!! Welcome back!!! Love reading your blog. It’s very very inspirational!! Keep going Kim💜💛💚💙

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